19 Nov 2015

The Despicable Use of ‘Widows and Orphans’ in Refugee Debate

It’s almost a forgone conclusion that liberals will use the Bible to support a cause if they can find something in it that they can use to defend a pet policy. The latest example is the refugee crisis. Biblical law has a lot to say about resident aliens, sojourners, strangers,

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09 Sep 2015

Shepard Smith Pulls the ‘Sharia Law’ Card to Defend Homosexuality

The following is from Mediate.com: “During Fox News’ live coverage of Kentucky clerk Kim Davis’ release from prison, anchor Shepard Smith suddenly spoke over the press conference to chastise Davis and those who supported her decision to refuse to issue gay marriage licenses. “‘They set this up as a religious play again,’ he

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15 Oct 2013

Liberal Claims Far-Right Christian Movement Wants to Rule America

Did you know that a few Christians, with no organization, and no money are running America or at least are positioning themselves to rule America? I was also surprised. The Huffington Post is reporting that “If the U.S. breaches its debt ceiling this week, bringing with it the global financial

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