14 Oct 2014

“What Do You Think Would Happen if We Burned a Koran on Tonight’s Show”?

The discussion about Islam with Ben Affleck and Sam Harris on Bill Maher’s show is still making waves. Journalist Nicholas Kristof also took part in the discussion, backing up Affleck. Both Harris and Maher are atheists. Even so, they shot down Affleck’s claim that Christianity is also a violent religion

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06 Oct 2014

Ben Affleck Believes Our Rights Come for “Our Forefathers”

Ben Affleck got slammed pretty hard for his views about Islam on Bill Maher’s show. He was trying to equate Islamic violence with past acts of Christian violence. He was correct when he said that a few representatives of a religion like Islam should not be used as a gauge

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13 Aug 2014

Your Vote Doesn’t Count as Hollywood Pours Money into Democrat Campaigns

Two big stories hit the internet today. The first one is how corporations, special interest groups and, well connected individuals are manipulating the political scene. The following study from professors from Princeton and Northwestern Universities on “Testing Theories of American Politics: Elites, Interest Groups, and Average Citizens” is getting some

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