18 May 2017

Atheist fabricates Bible verse about women, paints it on his truck, and then claims it’s Christians who make stuff up

Atheists have a bone to pick with God. Sometimes, they just can’t resist taking shortcuts to get their point across, much to their detriment. Just like this guy driving around in Virginia…

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01 Jan 2015

Atheists Create Their Own Ten ‘Non-Commandments’     

Atheists have a moral problem on their hands. Can anything be moral or immoral when there is no God? How can matter-only entities require anything to be moral? How can anything be ultimately moral or immoral given the following operating assumption by atheist and evolutionist Carl Sagan? “My fundamental premise

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26 Sep 2013

Why It May Be OK to Stone Atheists

I love it when atheists like those from the Freedom from Religion Foundation bring out a new atheist campaign. The latest Freedom From Religion Foundation campaign is an invitation to students, faculty, and the general public at the University of Wisconsin-Madison to “stone” them at “Blasphemy Rights Day” based on

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13 Sep 2013

Pope Says Let Conscience be Your Guide to Heaven

I grew up Roman Catholic. I went to Catholic school through the fifth grade. I still have my first Holy Communion group photo. I was also an altar boy. My first introduction to Latin was in learning the responses as the priest was going through the Mass. “Mea Culpa. Mea

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17 Aug 2012

Business Owners Stand Up to Anti-Freedom Business Bullies

A baker in Massachusetts refuses to sell her dessert pies to people who pay for them with their food stamp card (EBT Card). She maintains that the EBT card should be used for necessities. If they want to purchase desserts, they should use their own money. The controversy started when

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22 Sep 2011

Chicken Atheists Tear Pages from Bible

Do you remember how the media went insane when a pastor from Florida wanted to burn a copy of the Koran? Here’s how one paper reported the story Wearing black robes and sitting as self-appointed judge, the radical evangelical pastor called the “court” to order from behind his pulpit. On

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