12 Dec 2014

To Liberals All Lives Don’t Matter, Not Even Black Lives Matter

One of the newest memes making its way around the internet and among the Twitter cult is “Black Lives Matter.” The meme has become sacrosanct. It’s now part of sacred secular-progressive scripture, so much so that when Kathleen McCartney, president of Smith College in Massachusetts said “all lives matter,” she

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07 Jun 2014

Could Call for Impeachment of Obama Get Anywhere?

We’ve been hearing about impeaching President Obama ever since he became President. I dismissed all of them as fairy dust. It’s always been wishful thinking at best. Impeachment is serious business. There must be a clear violation of the law. There are several obstacles to impeaching President Obama. First, his

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27 Nov 2012

Blah, Blah, Racist, Blah, Blah, Racist, Blah, Blah, Blah, Racist

I love white meat, and if you love white meat, you’re most likely reacting to some inner anti-dark worldview, because, according to Ron Rosenbaum at Slate, “Dark meat represents slime and viscosity. Dark meat embodies all the menace of dissolution into the nothingness that is the slimy ground of being

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15 Aug 2012

100 Million Americans are in Chains and Joe Biden Wants to Keep them that Way

I love Joe Biden. The more he opens his mouth, the more people see how bankrupt this administration is. Did President Obama pick Biden to make himself look and sound better to the American people? The latest foot in mouth disease statement came when he was addressing a crowd in

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20 Jun 2012

Bill Maher Goes Racist Against the GOP

When dealing with racial hypocrisy, always apply the Republican test: What if a Republican had said what Bill Maher and other liberals have said about blacks and Asians (Marion Barry)? Keep this in mind as you read this article. A Greenville Technical College official twice referred to Katrina evacuees from

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11 Apr 2012

Liberal Website Upset that Allen West is Not a Slave to the Leftist Welfare Agenda

“Bossip” is a black celebrity gossip website. Rep. Allen West, a black Republican representing Florida’s 22nd congressional district, was called a “house slave” and an “Uncle Tom” by members of the staff. They don’t like the fact that the successful West isn’t a slave to the Leftist welfare agenda and

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27 Feb 2012

African Americans for Obama

Obama will be the first “post-racial president.” How many times have we heard this? Liberals throw it in our faces while they accuse the GOP and whites in general to be racists when they oppose anything President Obama proposes. Now we have this: Join African Americans for Obama On issues

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03 Feb 2012

Black on Black and White Liberal Racists on Rampage

You’ve heard the claim that only Whites can be racists. It’s this type of thinking that encourages Blacks to use the N-word over and over again in songs, comedy routines, and group conversations with other Blacks. Then there are the Blacks who love living on the Liberal Plantation, or I

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30 Jan 2012

Ohio GOP Wants to Shut Out TEA Party

Ohio Republicans are rewriting the rules in an attempt to exclude TEA Party members from being members of the State Central Committee. As I’ve written a number of times, Establishment Republicans want Democrats out of office so they can spend our confiscated tax dollars their way. Republicans haven’t been that

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14 Jan 2012

Urinating on the Dead: Marine Performance Art?

You may have heard about American soldiers who urinated on the bodies of some dead Taliban insurgents. I suspect that the dead soldiers tried to kill American soldiers. War is hell. People are killed. Bodies are mutilated, blown to bits by bombs and shrapnel, and incinerated. My father had his

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17 Nov 2011

Obama Kills Jobs with the Media’s Help

Everybody but those in the media knows that the economic policies of the Obama Administration are job killers. A managed economy is a stagnant economy. As a business owner, not knowing what the government is going to do in the future with regulations and taxes has a big impact on

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