10 May 2017

Hypocritical Liberals Appeal to Jesus in Support of Government-Mandated Healthcare

Like clockwork, when the Republicans voted to make changes to the Affordable Care Act, better known as Obamacare, Liberals went to Jesus for help with the hashtag #JesusNeverSaid. For example: “#ThingsJesusNeverSaid ‘You have a pre-existing condition, I can’t cure you.’” When the State can cure people like Jesus did, I’ll

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13 Mar 2017

First Step in Fixing Healthcare: Get the Government Out!

There was a time that doctors were paid in cash or some form of barter exchange. “In 1900, the average American spent $5 a year on health care ($100 in today’s money). No one had health insurance, because you don’t need insurance for something that costs $5 a year.” (NPR)

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27 Aug 2015

Call it a ‘Safety Security Entryway’ not a ‘Wall’

Donald Trump has said that as President he would build a wall along the border between Mexico and the United States to stop the flow of illegal immigration. “It’s gonna be a great wall,” Trump said. “This will be a wall with a big, very beautiful door because we want

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05 Dec 2014

1648-Page Defense Authorization Bill Creates Six National Parks

“What Makes You Think We Read the Bills? was the tongue-in-cheek title of a book written about 30 years ago by long-time California lawmaker H. L. ‘Bill’ Richardson. The book is a chronicle of slip-ups, snafus and shenanigans from our national and state capitols. The stories are amusing but also outrageous.

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28 Nov 2014

Pardoning a Turkey is Not Like Amnesty

During the White House Turkey pardon this year, President Obama joked that his critics would call his action “amnesty.” “I know some will call this amnesty,” he said, as the people in the room laughed. “But don’t worry, there is plenty of turkey to go around.” Obama also joked that

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20 Nov 2014

A Regular Guy Not the Media Found Gruber Video Clips about Obamacare

Comments by Jonathan Gruber about how the lies of Obamacare were there all the time. The media, like they refused to dig into Obama’s college and law school records and his personal history but went after Mitt Romney over a high school prank haircut, also refused to dig into those

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05 Jul 2014

VA Switched to Processing ObamaCare Applications

The Veterans Administration (VA) scandal is off the front page. There are too many scandals for the Obama Administration to contain. The scandals are coming so fast and furious that the media is actually reporting that Obama and Co. are falling out of favor with the American people. The poll

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02 Apr 2014

Why Believe 7 Million ObamaCare Sign Ups When ObamaCare Was Sold on a Lie?

ObamaCare was sold to the American people on a lie, not to mention that there’s nothing constitutional about it. Please don’t tell me that it’s constitutional because five elected judges say it is. The Constitution was never designed to establish the Supreme Court as the law of the land. There

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12 Feb 2014

Lawsuit against ObamaCare Heads to 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals

Last Friday, Dr. Steven F. Hotze, founder and CEO of the Hotze Health and Wellness Center in Houston, Texas, gave me and some of my colleagues a first-hand update on his lawsuit against the Affordable Care Act. Many of you may not realize that this is a major frontal assault

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04 Feb 2014

The 14-Second Nancy Pelosi Sound Bite that Defines Democrats

The TV comedy Hogan’s Heroes was a hit show from 1965 through 1971. Bob Crane starred as Colonel Hogan who coordinated an international crew of Allied World War II prisoners “running a Special Operations group from the camp. Werner Klemperer played Colonel Wilhelm Klink, the incompetent commandant of the camp,

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23 Jan 2014

The Affordable Golf Club Act

The following was sent to me by my brother-in-law. I don’t know the original source. He golfs; I don’t. Sometimes it’s helpful to argue by analogy to show the absurdity of something. Since I don’t golf, I can appreciate the following since I shouldn’t be forced to pay for other

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20 Nov 2013

I Think I’ll Just Offer an Apology if I Get Audited by the IRS

It seems all you have to do these days is offer an apology for massive mistakes and lies when it comes to policy rollouts. President Obama apologized for the disaster that’s the Affordable Care Act. Liberals now want critics of ObamaCare to move on. What else do conservatives want Obama

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16 Nov 2013

Oprah Says if You Oppose Obama You’re a Racist

I know you’re getting tired of hearing this, but it’s the ongoing liberal narrative. It seems to work, otherwise liberals would stop using it. Rule 7 of Saul Alinsky’s Lucifer-dedicated book Rules for Radicals states: “A tactic that drags on too long becomes a drag.” Calling anybody who opposes the

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16 Nov 2013

Liberal Toure Neblett Needs a Civics Lesson on Gerrymandering

Fact: The United States Senate and House of Representatives are different. But you would never know that if you listen to liberal pundit Toure Neblett. Neblett likes to tell everybody else what to think and believe. He’s often called on as an expert witness for the liberal cause. He’s the

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01 Nov 2013

The Problem with ObamaCare is ObamaCare not the Website

Republicans have already lost the argument on ObamaCare by grilling Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius on how bad the HealthCare.gov website is functioning. It’s an admission that ObamaCare is good policy and we’re stuck with it as long as we have a website that works. When the website

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29 Oct 2013

If President Obama ‘Didn’t Know,’ then Who’s Running the Government?

President Obama will not take the blame for anything his administration does. Of course, he’s the first to take credit even when there’s no credit to take. How many times have we heard President Obama tell the American people that he was unaware of what’s been going on? He didn’t

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11 Sep 2013

ObamaCare Regulations: 10,500 Pages of Government Control

The Affordable Care Act — ObamaCare — consisted of 2700 pages. This was just the beginning. Once the lawyers, courts, bureaucrats, and later acts of Congress got their greedy vote-begging hands on the monstrosity the implementation of the law would escalate beyond comprehension. Our fears have come to pass: “These

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03 Jul 2013

No Law Should Ever Be Longer than the Constitution

The Affordable Care Act — ObamaCare — consists of 2700 pages of new laws and the new immigration bill is about half that size coming in around 1200 pages. This is just the beginning. Once the lawyers, courts, bureaucrats, and later acts of Congress get their greedy vote-begging hands on

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