06 Nov 2014

How the GOP Can Win Future Elections and Transform America

A lot has been said about the Texas election of Greg Abbott for governor, but little has been said about the firestorm that catapulted his Democrat opponent Wendy Davis to the limelight. It was abortion. She energized a limited base of pro-abortion Democrat activists. Her defiant pro-abortion cause was their

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24 Jan 2014

Wendy Davis Supporters Mock Handicapped Opponent

Democrats portray themselves as the guardians of the down trodden, the poor, and the defenseless. It’s all a lie. They support the killing of pre-born babies, enslave tens of millions of people through programs that create economic dependency on government so they have a perpetual indentured voting class to help

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21 Jan 2014

‘Abortion Barbie’ Wendy Davis Caught in Series of Lies

“Abortion Barbie” Wendy Davis, the liberal darling of the pro-abortion set and the new celebrity icon of the Girl Scouts, has been caught in a number of lies about her background. Davis, a Texas state senator who is running for governor and is touted as “a rising Democratic star,” came

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