25 Sep 2013

Democrats Still Pushing False Assault Weapon Narrative in Navy Yard Shooting

Democrat strategist Steve McMahon was on MSNBC with Chris Jansing Monday evening pushing for more gun control legislation in the aftermath of the Navy Yard shooting: “I think you’re absolutely right that the NRA has the politicians in Washington and many state legislatures completely spooked, but Wayne LaPierre talked about

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19 Sep 2013

Navy Yard Shooter a Product of Liberal Political Views

The more we learn about Navy Yard shooter Aaron Alexis the more he sounds like a radical leftist. A U.S. News article is reporting that “Aaron Alexis was so unhappy with his life in America — where he was beset by money woes and felt slighted as a veteran —

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18 Sep 2013

Navy Yard Shooter Followed Biden’s Advice and Obama’s Example

The first reports that came out about the Navy Yard shootings were that the perpetrator had used an AR-15 “assault rifle.” An AR-15 is no more an assault rifle than a single shot rifle, because that’s what an AR-15 is. It just had to be an “assault weapon” in order

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