05 May 2015

Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders is the Only Honest Socialist in Congress

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders is an honest Socialist. He’s not the only Socialist in Congress; he’s the only self-admitted one. Sanders is going to be a problem for the Democrats since he’s going to sound a lot like them, which means he’s going to out the Democrat Party as being

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14 Apr 2015

Scary: ‘Five Reasons Why Hillary Clinton Wins in 2016’

In order to defeat an opponent, you need to know what you’re up against. Wishful thinking will not cut it. Whatever the reasons are — even if they are insane in our way of thinking — they must be confronted, planned for, and acted upon. We should never say “the American

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03 Mar 2015

GOP Will Lose Big in 2016 if Jeb Bush is the Candidate

If the GOP establishment was dismayed that 5 million Republicans did not vote in 2012, they’re really going to be depressed when even more stay home if Jeb Bush is at the top of the ticket in 2016. Conservatives who don’t show up at the pools for the the presidential

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27 Feb 2015

Another Bush in the White House Would be a Disaster for America

Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think the day would come that I would agree with Democrat operative James “The Ragin’ Cajun” Carville. But I’m with him on this one. We don’t need, and hopefully the majority of Americans agree, and we don’t want another Bush in the

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16 Oct 2012

Did Hillary Clinton Setup Obama for Tonight’s Debate?

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has taken the blame for security lapses at our embassies. Why would she do this the day before President Obama’s second debate with Mitt Romney? It doesn’t make sense unless (1) Obama forced her to take the blame hoping he can diffuse the political damage

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