13 Mar 2015

Will GOP Cave to Democrat Demands for New Taxes and Spending?

Even when the GOP has the majority in Congress it gets steamrolled by Democrats. Each Republicans refuse to fight the Democrats, the Democrats get bolder in their demands. They sense weakness and go for the kill. They feed off Republican weakness. Here’s the latest from the minority party. Will the

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06 Nov 2014

Six Years and Two Voter Maps: The Great Political Shift

The 2014 election has become a huge story. It’s so big that liberals don’t know what to think of it. They’ve had to throw away all their pre-written scripts, go off teleprompter, and come up with a new narrative. They are dazed and confused. “Tennis Channel CEO Ken Solomon told the Hollywood

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05 Nov 2014

Let’s Be Happy that Democrats Lost Big Even if the GOP is Still a Problem

Since the 2012 election I have not watched Fox News. Their polls were way off. Dick Morris was just talking out of the hole in his head. Karl Rove was an embarrassment. Fortunately, the polls were out of kilter this time around as well. For example, in Georgia’s governor’s race,

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04 Nov 2014

Michelle Tells Blacks to Vote Democrat and Then Eat ‘Fried Chicken’

You can’t make up this stuff. When I heard it on Rush’s show, I thought it was one of his parody skits. It turned out to be the real deal. Here’s what Michelle Obama said on the “News One Daily” show to host Roland Martin about today’s crucial election as

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06 Dec 2012

Tea Party Getting Ready for Showdown in 2014

The GOP didn’t get the message after the election of 2010, and it’s not getting the message after its poor showing in 2012 against Obama. Typical of Republicans, they tried to appeal to the center and ignored their base. John Boehner and a number of other Establishment Republicans are involved

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