02 Aug 2012

Will Young People Decide the 2012 Election?

USA Today published a front-page article about the voting generation gap: “The Underlying Duel of 2012: Seniors vs. Millennials.” There has always been a generation gap. Young people grow up as socialists. In most homes, children are handed everything. Their food, shelter, clothing, cell-phone plans, cars, and educations are paid

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06 Jun 2012

What Can Mitt Romney and the GOP Learn from the Wisconsin Recall Election?

When I sat next to Gov. Scott Walker in Houston last year at a fund raising dinner for the recall election, I was worried. The poll numbers didn’t look good. The Democrats were resolute. They wanted Gov. Walker and anybody else they could take down with him out of office.

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05 Jun 2012

President Obama Has a Big Bill and Hillary Problem

If you’ve seen the film You’ve Got Mail starring Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks, you’ll remember a few references to The Godfather. Here’s one of my favorites spoken by Hanks’ character, Joe Fox: “The Godfather is the I-ching. The Godfather is the sum of all wisdom. The Godfather is the

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28 Oct 2011

Don’t Be Surprised if Barack Obama Wins in 2012

Don’t hate me. I’m only the messenger of the bad news. With the economy as bad as it is, President Obama’s approval rating is over 40 percent.  The comments of Bill Daley, the current White House Chief of Staff, are telling: “Considering the debacle that he came in with, the

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14 Jun 2011

Will the Real (Liberal) Mitt Romney Please Stand Up

On December 18, 1956, Clayton Heermance, a.k.a. Bud Collyer, who was the radio voice of Superman long ago, landed what would become his most successful game-show hosting job ever–Goodson-Todman’s To Tell The Truth. The show had three contestants who claimed to be the same person and a panel of four

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