Some Advice to Mitt Romney if He Wins in November

The polls show a radical shift in support from Obama to Romney. The election isn’t over. There are two more debates and the inevitable “October Surprise.” Remember the release of George W. Bush’s 24-year-old DUI conviction. “The Bush DUI revelation was a hit job planted by a Democratic source that mushroomed into a big story because of the liberal media.” Have you noticed that the media haven’t said anything about Barack Obama’s drug use while in college?

With this little background, I want to offer Mitt Romney some post-election advice if he wins:

A lot of us are skeptical of your conservative bona fides. Your past voting record has not given a lot of conservatives hope that you are the man to follow through when you take the oath before God to uphold the Constitution.

Many conservatives have given up on the Republican Party. Who can blame them? The song from The Who comes to mind: “We won’t be fooled again.” But we have been, and we’re tired of it. Will you be the one to break the cycle?

I’m sure you realize that you were not the first choice of many who voted in the primaries. With the support you are now getting, you better come through. Words, rhetoric, and promises are not enough.

Your poll numbers are up. More conservative and independent voters are getting on board. I was glad to see that you came out against homosexual marriage. Will you stick with this view or will you also “evolve” under pressure from the GOP establishment and social movement on the issue?

Will government shrink on your watch? How often will you use the veto pen? Take a lesson from Gov. Scott Walker. He stood up against his political opposition, won the day, took the heat, and faced down a recall election. He did not given in. He’s earning the respect of the state.

He was resolute. He did not waver in his convictions as he spoke to us. His steadfastness is paying off. It was painful for him, his family, and the Republican Party, but he knew that his decision would save the state. He was attacked on all sides, and he still didn’t bend.

Then there’s the war issue. A strong military does not mean a military always at war. Your first job as president, if you get elected, will be to protect the United States against enemies “foreign and domestic.” This does not mean sending our young men and women overseas to fight in wars that cannot be won and are none of our business.

Maybe it’s time to let these war-loving countries fight it out among themselves. In time, the terrorists will forget about us and burn themselves out.

Iran may or not be building a nuke. What are they going to do with it if they accomplish their goal? If they decide to bomb Israel, Israel will retaliate with its multiple nukes. Estimates put the number of Israeli war heads in a range from 80 to 200. Iran would be turned into a burned out cinder.

I’ve seen where you’ve advocated arming Syrian rebels. On the surface, this sounds like a good idea. Who’s to say where American-delivered arms will end up. And if Assad is pushed out of office, there is no telling what will replace him. Think Egypt and Libya.

Mr. Romney, a lot of people are counting on you. Millions of reluctant voters are going to give you a chance. Don’t disappoint them. The future of America is at stake.

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