11 Jun 2014

Cheese Black Market about to Begin Thanks to FDA

While marijuana is being legalized all over the place, the day may come when certain cheeses will be outlawed. We could be see a black market in artisanal cheeses as we saw with the illegal drug trade. Homosexuality is the new normal, and yet homosexuals have the highest incidence of

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07 Jun 2014

Atheist Richard Dawkins Says Fairytales Harm Children Except the Fiarytale of Evolution

Richard Dawkins, the high priest of everything evolutionary, has come out against fairytales. “Even fairytales, the ones we all love, about witches and wizards or princes turning into frogs. There’s a very interesting reason why a prince could not turn into a frog. It’s statistically too improbable.” This is the

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06 Jun 2014

Psychologist Questions Obama’s Sanity

Psychology is a nefarious field of study. When I was in college, my Psych 150 class was an introduction into B.F. Skinner’s behaviorism. We worked with rats. Skinner believed that people, like animals, could be trained with incentives and disincentives. The rats were given water for just one hour and

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03 Jun 2014

Planned Parenthood Uses Bible to Support Abortion

The newest low for Planned Parenthood is to use the Bible and religion to convince women that they are morally justified to kill their unborn babies. The organization’s so-called “Pastoral Letter” begins with this outlandish claim: “Many people wrongly assume that all religious leaders disapprove of abortion. The truth is

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02 Jun 2014

Opposing Homosexuality is Not Bigotry

The following comments of mine were posted by someone on Facebook: “The homosexual, transgender, bi-sexual, and whatever-sexual movement works overtime to hitch its cart to the civil rights horse. . . . Sexual behavior cannot be compared to the struggle of blacks to secure full civil rights. . . .

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29 May 2014

Jennifer Knapp, Shellfish, and the Defense of Homosexuality

I was asked the following question by a Facebook friend: “How do you argue against gay marriage when pro-gay marriage activists say that gay marriage is forbidden in the Old Testament, but so is [eating] shellfish. They try to say that along with gay marriage that other stuff like shellfish

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22 May 2014

Why Global Warming Believers Don’t Talk About These Storms

No one doubts that the climate changes. If it didn’t change, we wouldn’t have the Weather Channel. Global cooling was all the rage just a few decades ago. When that didn’t pan out for the Globalists, Global Warming was invented. But not every change in climate resulted in warming. So

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14 May 2014

More Proof that Evolution is Impossible

“The debate is over. Evolution is a fact (even though no one has ever seen it take place.)” Evolutionists have never proved evolution. A something-from-nothing premise is not scientifically demonstrable. If it were, we would be seeing experiments on how nothing became something, but we don’t. Change within existing species

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10 May 2014

Newspaper Editor Fired for Comments About Queen James Bible

The homosexual fascists are at it again. Christians who speak out against same-sex sexuality in the name of the Bible are the target. Here’s the latest: “Bob Eschliman has worked as the editor of the Newton Daily News since 2012, and has served as the publisher of the Clarinda Herald-Journal.

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09 May 2014

No God, New Gods, and All Hell Breaks Loose

The rise of the new atheists is getting a lot of attention. They are everywhere. It’s fashionable to be a new atheist. It’s the “in thing.” I can hear people at fashionable cocktail parties saying, “Yes, I’m an atheist.” Someone overhears the conversation and joins in, “I’m also an atheist.

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17 Apr 2014

Salon Writer: “There is no Message against Same-Sex Marriage”

I love a challenge. I’m competitive by nature. I hate to lose. So when I saw the headline that there is no message against same-sex marriage in the Bible, I felt a challenge coming on. Has somebody come up with an argument I’ve never encountered? I’ve read all the arguments

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27 Mar 2014

Inspiring Young People for Discovery, Science, and Invention

I saw a post on Facebook about some kid doing a science project. It got me thinking about science and young people. All of us enjoy the fruit of science, but are young people today being inspired to do science? The United States has always led the world in science.

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22 Mar 2014

Did Scientists Really Discover Big Bang Origin?

I’m always skeptical when a group of scientists claim that they found the pin-point of the cosmos that they say happened 13.8 billion years ago. Scientists still don’t know how the Pyramids were built and we still have the Pyramids to study. But scientists know what happened 13.8 billion years

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18 Mar 2014

US Professor Lawrence Torcello Says Climate Change Skeptics Should Be Jailed

How many times have we read in textbooks and popular historical accounts of how the Roman Catholic Church jailed and even executed people who denied the church’s scientific views? Most if not all of these claims are fiction, but they are used nevertheless. Lawrence Torcello, assistant professor of philosophy at

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13 Mar 2014

The Religion of Sagan’s ‘Cosmos’ Has Come Back to Television

Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson is hosting the new 13-part Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey television series. Seth MacFarlane, the guy behind the animated TV series Family Guy and and the film Ted produced the Cosmos reboot for Fox. Cosmos: A Personal Journey originally premiered on PBS and was hosted by the late

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11 Mar 2014

Megapixels, Digital Cameras, and the Supposed Evolution of the Eye

I read an interesting article on Gismodo.com about the new 8-megapixels iPhone camera and that “Canon is reportedly testing a new DSLR with 75-megapixels.” Adam Clark Estes, the author of the article, then asked these questions: “But how many megapixels is the human eye? That is, how many megapixels would

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06 Mar 2014

The “We’re All Animals” Premise of Modern Secular Thought and Where it Leads

There are consequences to what a person believes. Unfortunately, many people don’t often work out the full implications of those beliefs to see where they lead if consistency prevails. It’s one of the reasons we have poverty and drug addiction. Not gaining a skill early in life of work-habit experience

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20 Feb 2014

Charles Osgood and John Kerry Perpetuate Flat Earth Myth

Not only do we have to contend with a federal judge that doesn’t know the difference between the Constitution and the Declaration of a independence, but we also have to tolerate a Secretary of a State who misleads about science and is ignorant of history. When liberals say the debate

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