This Scene From ‘Rogue One’ Describes GOP Establishment

I watched Rogue One again. One scene that caught my attention; it was when Jyn pleads with the Council to take the fight to the enemy. The question is not “what chance do we have,” she implores, the question is “what choice do we have?” We’re either going to drain the swamp or we’re all going to drown in it.

The original scene is longer and more impactful since it shows the reluctance of the Council to engage the battle. Here’s a short clip of her final appeal, and when the council does not listen, Jyn decides to go it alone. Others who understand the nature of the battle, later join her in what turns out to be a suicide mission that results in “A New Hope.”

Never Trumpers are complaining about Trump’s demeanor, how he tweets, that he’s not acting presidential and thereby “’diminishing’ the office of the presidency.” Barack Obama acted presidential. Everyone said so. How did that work out for the nation?

George W. Bush acted “presidential” and got us in immoral and unconstitutional wars in Afganistan and Iraq that have led to the deaths of tens of thousands of soldiers and civilians, resulted in the near extinction of the Christian population in Iraq, and cost our economy trillions of dollars in spending and debt.

He also supported and signed the “No Child Left Behind Act” with Sen. Ted Kennedy looking on. He socialized medicine even more with his drug prescription program.

President Bush thought that millions would welcome his intervention. But the effort has not gone as planned. Costs are spiraling out of control, and many of the people we wanted to help are protesting that the situation is worse than ever. (Slate)

He brought us one step closer to socialized medicine with the failing program.

While he spoke out against abortion, he did almost nothing to stop it.

Unlike Donald Trump, Bush almost never fought back. He let the media walk all over him. He did not want to “diminish” the office of the presidency. His lack of push back diminished the liberty of the American people.

The GOP Establishment isn’t much better. They own Congress and the presidency. The GOP voted to overturn Obamacare during Obama’s reign, but when it came time for them to stand up at the plate and actually do it, they’ve failed miserably.

Sen. Pat Toomey’s excuse? “We didn’t think Trump would win.” Which means that the GOP’s seven years of votes to repeal Obamacare were lies.

Then there’s the lack of action on tax reform. The economy is humming along, but investors and businesses were anticipating a reduction in the corporate tax rate. Will Trump’s campaign promise to lower taxes suffer the same fate as repeal and replace?

The GOP had a great opportunity to change the direction of political history with Trump’s win. It seems they are content to cower in the corner and wait for the Democrats to take over so they go back to talking big and doing nothing. The GOP isn’t even good at playing defense. The Death Star of leftist politics is always a threat.

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