Rich Hollywood Director Says ‘American Christians’ Are ‘Racist,’ ‘Greedy,’ and ‘Nationalistic’

Scott Derrickson is a film director. He’s known for The Exorcism of Emily Rose (2005), Sinister (2012), and the 2016 Marvel property the occultic Doctor Strange. For some reason, Derrickson is not happy with Christians, describing them as a whole “greedy, “racist,” and “nationalistic.”

Derrickson begins his Twitter post trying to explain why “Christians put Trump into office.” Actually, Christians did not put Trump into office. It took more than Christians to get Trump elected. As a Christian, I voted for Trump because the alternative — Hillary Clinton — was too dreadful to contemplate. I also knew that Trump would not sit back and take it like Republicans like to do. Trump has taken on the Democrats, media, and the Establishment Republicans. While I like most of Ted Cruz’s policies, I don’t think he would have beaten Hillary. Even with all his failings, Trump is doing what needs to be done. Is he perfect? Far from it. Anyone familiar with the Bible knows that most of the political leaders in Israel were flawed. Derrickson should know this since he graduated from of BIOLA University (Bible Institute of Los Angeles) in 1990.

Like so many other political observers, Derrickson doesn’t get it, so he does the only thing he can do — make stupid statements.

He claims to be for the “things of Christ” and against the things “Christ was vehemently against,” but this did not stop him from directing Doctor Strange in 2016:

But the whole point of Doctor Strange is that the titular protagonist enlightens himself through black magic. The character rose to prominence just as the American counterculture was beginning to dabble in forms of spirituality outside of the Judeo-Christian establishment. The adventures of Stephen Strange tapped into eastern mysticism, psychedelic trips into alternate realities, and the absolute certainty that there is more to existence than what you can see with your eyes. (The Guardian)

Maybe it’s Derrickson who’s greedy, claiming to have created a Christ-like occultic figure like Doctor Strange so he can make the big bucks. So what does “Christian” mean to him?

Anytime someone plays the race card, it’s primary evidence that there’s no argument that can be backed up with evidence. How was a vote for Trump a racist act? Derrickson doesn’t say.

When given the chance for a Democrat to vote for a conservative black woman or black man over a liberal white Democrat, a vast majority of Democrats will vote for the white Democrat and demean the black conservative as an Uncle Tom or an Oreo. Black on the outside but white on the inside.

If you want to see real racism, take a close look at the Democrats. Michael Steele “has long been a focus of Democratic fire.” In one campaign Mr. Steele was “pelted with Oreo cookies for allegedly betraying his race.” A confidential report “prepared for the Maryland Democratic Party and the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee call[ed]for “aggressive” and immediate action against Mr. Steele. The Republican has ‘a clear ability to break through the Democratic stronghold among African American voters in Maryland,’ the report predicted. … Democrats’ victory calculus has long relied on capturing virtually all of the black vote.” Now that’s some real racism!

Not only doesn’t Derrickson offer any evidence that Christians are racists, but he does not offer any evidence that American Christianity is greedy. What does he mean by “greedy”? I’m guessing that if Christians vote for cutting taxes they must be greedy. He doesn’t say. Wealth confiscation is a form of theft if the money collected is given to people who did not earn it and have no right to it. It’s a form of slavery and a prohibition of the Eighth Commandment: “You shall not steal” (Ex. 20:15). Stealing includes empowering the government to do the stealing.

When one Christian defended his faith with facts, saying American Christians give more to charities than their secular peers, Derrickson responded with the following:

Derrickson makes an unsubstantiated charge against Christians for being greedy, and when a Christian points out the falsity of the charge, Derrickson chastises him for offering contrary evidence by quoting Matthew 6:4, a passage that applies to a person who parades his own good works publically and with great fanfare. Where is Derrickson’s evidence that all of mainstream Christianity is greedy? What does he mean by mainstream Christianity?

Unless Derrickson can read minds, he has no idea who’s greedy and who’s not. He would have to know the giving statistics on every Christian and the motive behind them. He doesn’t.

Then there’s the charge of Nationalism. Again, no definition. Wanting to make America great is not a sin. The people in every nation should work to make their nation again without exploiting the people of their nation or the people of other nations.

Scott Derrickson and people like him are free to criticize anyone for any reason. But I’m getting weary of how juvenile and inane their arguments are.

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