Republicans Agree to Revenue Increases in Deficit Talks: Are They Serious?

The Associated Press is reporting that Republicans have agreed to “revenue increases.” If this is true, then the GOP is doomed. Republicans must never attempt to compromise with Democrats. Dems always set the bar high, and the GOP believes they can limbo under it to show that they can “compromise.” Liberals never compromise. When will the GOP learn?

When the vote comes, pay close attention to how your Congressman and Senators vote. If any of the votes for any form of “revenue enhancement,” even if it includes closing loopholes, put them on notice for 2012. Make your calls right now to Senate Minority Whip Jon Kyl, R-Ariz., and put him on notice. You vote for any revenue increase, and we will do everything to vote you out of office.

The GOP is on trial. We are the jury. Let’s let them know that any increase in taxes of any kind will result in a “guilty” verdict.

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