Republican Sour Grapes Instead of Real Solutions

Arit John at reported on an interesting suggestion presented to the Republicans by the editor of National Review, Rich Lowry. He said that if he were John Boehner, “I’d say to the president: ‘Send us your State of the Union in writing. You’re not welcome in our chamber.’”

Evidently Breitbart was in agreement, suggesting Boehner say “so that the elected representatives of the people do not have to listen to, or applaud, a man who is violating his oath of office in governing as a tyrant.” And Politico reports that some unnamed congressional Republicans are considering doing just that.

Bloomberg cites a Tweet of disagreement from Noah Rothman at HotAir: “I know many see this is as a great idea, but I don’t get it. Look petty, invite bad press, accomplish… What exactly?”

Other conservatives have chimed in, such as Dan Holler at Heritage Action. He told Bloomberg Politics that “Rolling back the policy [executive amnesty] is the important focus and everything else may well be good as long as it doesn’t distract from the actual hard work of rolling back what he did. Where I do think it would be harmful for the Republican Party is if they allow that to be their only response.”

Bloomberg’s John then wraps it up with her “money quote” where she writes: “To be clear, this isn’t something speaker John Boehner has endorsed, or even publicly talked about. Instead, it reads like another doomed political tactic — like impeachment or a government shutdown — that he’ll likely ignore.”

I actually agree with her that refusing to allow Obama into “their chamber” is merely a weak political stunt, but to somehow equate it with or grant it the same weight as a constitutional responsibility like impeachment is utterly absurd.

I think it’s ridiculous, childish and indeed sour grapes to deny Obama from giving the State of the Union address in their precious chamber — a chamber that already houses some of the most useless individuals in our country. What’s one more?

At least Obama has some stones. Yes, he’s evil, heavy-handed and lawless, but he’s got the guts to just do what he wants regardless of the potential consequence — which will likely be none — and he knows it.

We’re not talking about scoring cheap political points here, or are we?

I guess that’s exactly what you’re talking about, and if all you wish to do is win the next election in 2016, cheap political stunts and some tough talk might get you there. It won’t stop Obama or spare the nation any more pain, but it may look good to establishment cheerleaders.

If a Congressman or Senator wishes to protest the State of the Union show, simply don’t show up. If it were me, I wouldn’t.

I wouldn’t show up as a sign of protest, but simply to spare myself the agony of listening to the Liar in Chief.

This proposed stunt is trivial, sophomoric, ill-advised and frankly uncharacteristic of those at both National Review and Breitbart.

How about we in the conservative media suggest ways of rescuing our Republic and worry less about the two inane and inept parties.

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