Republican Prospects in November

Republicans are nervous that the presidential primaries are still going on. They forget that Obama did not win enough delegates to nail down the nomination until June 3, 2008, after a 17-month-long campaign against Hillary Clinton.

Not having a single candidate keeps the Democrats off guard. They don’t know who to attack. They’re itching to find out who the target is so they can shoot it to pieces. The main draw back in not having an early candidate is that campaign spending has to go to beating other Republicans. Obama is piling up the cash. For what it’s worth, the only Republican with enough money to take on Obama is Romney. The primaries are forcing Romney to become more conservative.

Republican strategist Grover Norquist is optimistic about Republican prospects in November.

“Right now it looks like the Republicans will hold the House and win the Senate — half the Democrats running for the Senate are vulnerable, very few Republicans running for the Senate are vulnerable. It should be a Republican House and Senate.”

If Norquist’s predictions come to pass and the Republicans stick together, they can make Obama a true lame duck president if he wins.

The Democrats want anything but the economy to be the defining issue. That’s why they are creating a “wag the dog” war on women. They’re trying to take the focus off of jobs, high gas prices, jobs, falling home prices, jobs, and high unemployment and underemployment numbers. Did I mention jobs? Republicans have made their points on the social issues, now it’s time to focus on issues that concern a majority of Americans.

A Rasmussen poll shows that conservative voters are “absolutely” reluctant to accept Mitt Romney as the Republican presidential candidate. I suspect that this is true because there are still options in the race. Will people join the Romney bandwagon if he gets the nomination? Is Obama opposition so strong that conservatives will hold their nose and get behind and vote for Romney?

Rasmussen “predicts that whoever the GOP nominee is, President Barack Obama will provide the ‘incentive’ for Republicans to rally behind the nominee.” In an exclusive Newsmax interview with Rasmussen, the pollster gave a quick summary analysis of the last primary:

“You can look at it in one of two ways. It’s disturbing that it was such a narrow victory and [Romney] outspent Rick Santorum by a large amount to earn that narrow victory. You could also say this was a race where they were down 18 points two weeks ago, came back and won.
“And it continues a pattern. When the Romney campaign has had to win a state, they’ve won it. That happened in Florida. It happened in Michigan.”

Rasmussen believes that the economy “is still the first-, second-, and third-most important issue of this campaign. That includes the unemployment rate, the housing rate, gas prices. If it hits $5 a gallon, that’s unchartered waters, and it will be something that could change the dynamic.”

Ed Gillespie, Republican political strategist and former Counselor to the President in the George W. Bush White House, said even tea party supporters will turn to Romney because they want Obama and his minions out.

It’s going to be a bumping political ride to November.

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