President Obama Fundraises (Again) While Colorado Burns

President Obama was in Atlanta yesterday raising money for his presidential campaign. About 500 supporters paid between $500 and $35,000 each to dine with the president at various campaign stops around the city.

President Obama also stopped at the Varsity Atlanta’s landmark greasy spoon – billed as America’s largest drive-in restaurant — to take in some of the local fare. He placed a to-go order for 5 Chili Dogs, 4 regular dogs, and 1 cheeseburger, for Press Secretary Jay Carney and Senior Adviser Valerie Jarrett, among other aides.

Do Michelle and New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg approve? What a bad example the president is setting for the youth of America.

So President Obama raises money and parties while Colorado burns. “More than 32,000 people have been evacuated from the city of Colorado Springs due to the Waldo Canyon fire and an unknown number of homes have been destroyed.”

You didn’t know Colorado was burning? The networks are covering the story, but not like they would be doing if George Bush was scarfing down hot dogs and hamburgers and sitting with 20 elites who can shell out $35,000 for a confab with the president.

You may remember Katrina and how the media attacked President Bush for not taking a more hands-on interest in the plight of the hurricane victims.

Let’s play a round of turn the tables. The reason President Obama is not interested in what’s going on in Colorado is because the majority of people in that western state are white – 81.3% to be exact. Am I being unfair? But isn’t that what we heard from Democrats and their supporters in the media? The people in Louisiana were black, and George Bush doesn’t care about black people. Well, using similar logic, President Obama doesn’t care about white people. Anyway, those Colorado homes are too big. They need to be burned down. Now the environmentalists are happy.

It’s a great campaign strategy. Everybody wins, expect the people of Colordo.

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