Politicians Can’t Create Jobs So Stop Telling Us You Can

Two black women, Lynnette Hardaway and Rochelle Richardson, have come to the defense of Donald Trump in a viral video. When asked why they did the video in support of Trump, they said that it was because he was about jobs. Here’s some of what they said:

“‘So I’m here just talking to my African-American brothers and sisters. Now listen: I see your frustration and I can feel your pain. But we can no longer take and parade the narrative ‘Black Lives Matter’ in front of people when we don’t feel like our own lives matter,’ Hardaway says. . . . ‘Look, he is working to bring jobs back to this country. . . . So I’m appealing to you to get behind the candidate — Mr. Donald Trump — that’s going to do something for you. That’s going to give you a hand up instead of a handout.’”

Donald Trump and businessmen like him have created more jobs than all the presidents and congressman who have ever lived. Politicians are mostly an obstacle to job creation because they remove money from the economy artificially, use that money to disincentivize people not to work, and make it difficult for business owners to stay in business.

When it comes down to it, people want economic security. This economic fact is why millions of people stay on welfare. It’s secure. They know they’ll get a check each month. They are willing to become a slave to the State for a base line of minimal economic security. “The government will take care of me,” is a common phrase.

Most people would prefer to remain free and work for their income. A free economy might not be as secure as a government check (stolen money), but a free economy allows for advancement, development of job skills, pride, and even the freedom to start your own business.

Here’s what I would say if I were running for President and the jobs question came up:

“No candidate running for President can create a single job. If any candidate says he or she can create jobs, he or she is lying. It’s a simple test to determine who to vote for by listening to the answer about job creation. Elected officials can’t create jobs.

“In order to create a job, you need to provide a service or a product using your own money, labor, or investment from other people with money.

“Governments claim to offer a service where jobs are created. This is pure economic fiction. As soon as a government official sets up an office and hires people to run a job-creating agency, there are expenses involved. Is the agency spending its own money? No. The agency must use confiscated money. Can you imagine what would happen if someone wanting to start a new business used his political connections to take money from his neighbors to start or support a faltering business? But that’s what elected officials often do.

“Government money does not grow on trees, although it is often created out of thin air, and even that’s a form of theft.

“The money used to ‘create jobs’ is stolen money ‘in the name of the law.’ If that money remained with the people who earned it, over time it would filter through the economy and result in investments in businesses that do create jobs. Any money coming into that business would come in voluntarily. No one in the private sector is forced to purchase a product or service unless the government mandates it, and that’s called tyranny.

“The only way a politician could create jobs if he invests his own money, borrows the money, or appeals to investors who risk their own money. Getting a government loan is not creating jobs since that money is not the government’s money to loan.

“The next time a politician says he will create jobs using the power of government, he’s either lying, delusional, or both.”

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