Police can celebrate gay pride on their cars, but not Christianity

The myth that there’s such a thing as “neutrality” in civil government continues to crumble. One set of religious impulses is favored over the deep foundational worldview of an entire nation…

Police officers are not allowed to display Bible verses on their patrol cars. But, however, there’s no problem at all sticking gay-pride decals on them. Here’s the scoop. It comes in two parts.

Back in May, the mayor of a Virginia town ordered the sheriff to remove decals from his patrol cars that displayed a Bible verse. The verse was from Matthew 5:9: “Blessed are the peacemakers…”


Meanwhile, over in Houston, Texas, the city’s police chief has completed their new “Pride Car.” It was rolled out in the Gay Pride Parade on June 24, 2017. The chief said the purpose is unity. Instead of invoking the Christian foundation for unity — the image of God in man, and God’s prohibition against murder — as the basis for police service, he invoked a modern symbol of diversity: the rainbow.

The battle over neutrality was waged on social media:

“Our police should remain neutral in these issues,” one user wrote. “I think a police car should remain painted neutrally like a police car.”

Numerous others, however, cheered the department’s decision to support the city’s LGBT population.

“People have got to chill,” wrote one HPD sergeant, who identified herself as a lesbian. “There are vehicles and memorials honoring other groups of people, there’s associations, there’s laws to protect them too…you know what we don’t have? Someone representing the GLBT Community, someone to support us, someone to open up with and feel comfortable.”

The lesbian said people just need to chill. But here’s the sore spot: who’s funding the police? In other words, where’s the money coming from? And who is spending it?

Houston is mostly Christian. A 2014 Pew survey showed that 70% of the city is Christian. Houston is home of controversial mega-church pastor Joel Osteen. He may be soft in too many theological areas, but even he admits that the Bible says homosexuality is a sin.

The Houston police department is funded mostly by taxpaying Christians. On the other hand, it appears a very small minority has actually gained control over those funds. They are spending Christian money to advertise beliefs hostile to Christianity.


It’s not rocket science, then, to understand why the lesbian sergeant says the Christians just need to chill out. “Shut up. We have gained control over your money. We are using it to destroy you. There’s nothing you can do about it. So just chill out and let it happen.”

This is the problem with so-called democracy in the era of the welfare state. The people who don’t make money and who don’t have money gain control over the tax revenue provided by those hard-working people who do. Or, crafty liberals infiltrate the beaucracies of civil institutions and gain control over the flow of funds from the inside. The money is then used to promote idealogies hostile to the people who make the money and fund the bureaucracies.

This is not how influence is supposed to work. If you make money, you should have influence. Instead, with the modern welfare state, the lazy people can gain access to the money of the hard-working. Or, as in this case in Houston, Christian money is used by a very tiny contingent of liberal bureaucrats to promote anti-Christian beliefs.

This is the modern, “evolved” definition of separation of church and state — to separate the church from its money to fund a humanist state. This should make the majority angry.

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