03 Dec 2019

‘This World Is Not Your Home.’ True or False?

I saw the following posted on Facebook. A number of Christians responded with “Amen”: “This world is not your home. God is your father. Heaven is your home. You’re going there. Be hopeful.” — John Piper Too many Christians are caught between “This World Is Not My Home” (false) and

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02 Dec 2019

Being Wrong About the Olivet Discourse Will Make You Wrong about All Bible Prophecy

In his book The Second Coming: Signs of Christ’s Return and the End of the Age, John MacArthur seems to go out of his way to avoid having to deal with the inherent problems of his prophetic system. Here’s just one example: [N]otice Christ’s only explicit remarks about the destruction

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29 Nov 2019

Dominion: How the Christian Revolution Remade the World

It’s refreshing to read a new book by an accomplished historian whose reputation is regarded by many in the academic world change his mind about something as significant as the impact that Christianity has had on the building of Western Civilization. The following is from Marvin Olasky. Olasky, a former

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26 Nov 2019

Should Christians Stop Discussing Politics So We Don’t Offend People?

A new Barna study claims, “Just 30% of Americans Have a Positive View of Evangelicals.” Digging deeper in the study, one finds this: “Though there are some very polarized opinions about evangelicals and their politics, many Americans don’t know what to think about the demographic. According to the study, 46

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25 Nov 2019

When Does the Bible Say Life Begins?

The Bible, Mayor Pete Buttigieg, who claims to be married to a man, justifies abortion up to the point of birth because “there’s [sic] so many parts of the Bible that associate the beginning of life with breath.” Is this true? Does the Bible support this view? About as much

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22 Nov 2019

Leftists Want to Control Everything

One of the first freedoms found in the First Amendment is “freedom of the press.” The design of this amendment was not so the press could report anything it wanted or leave some things unreported. The goal was so the press would report accurately no matter what political party was

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21 Nov 2019

Long-Time Friend Unfriends Me Over Trump Support

I put up a reality check on my Facebook page about how Democrat Congressman Earl Blumenauer, was intimidating one of the Democrat’s witnesses who was testifying at the impeachment hearings by calling on Americans to “boycott Provenance properties—including six hotels in downtown Portland—until Sondland testified in a congressional impeachment inquiry.”

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20 Nov 2019

Today’s Judges Have Become Our New Gods

This week I received an email from a reporter at The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Here’s what she wrote: I’m a reporter with The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. I’m working on a story about transgender students pegged to the appeal of an 11th Circuit Court ruling that allows transgender students to use a bathroom

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19 Nov 2019

Welcome to My World of Dealing with Bible Prophecy ‘Experts’

I don’t claim to be a Bible prophecy expert. All I claim to be is someone who has looked at Bible prophecy passages and compared them with other similar passages. I’ve done this for more than 40 years. One critic of a video I posted was critical of my comments

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18 Nov 2019

The ‘Rapture’ is a Package Deal With a Major Problem

As I’ve mentioned in other places, there are five rapture positions. They depend on the belief that the 70th week (seven years) of Daniel’s seventy weeks of years prophecy (490 years) has been postponed. Those who hold to a pre-tribulation rapture position believe the rapture of the church will take

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15 Nov 2019

The Judgment Comings in the Bible May Not be What You Think

When the Bible uses the word “coming,” translated from the Greek words parousia (παρουσία) and erchomai (ἔρχομαι). The Greek word parousia (παρουσία) is more accurately translated as “presence” where it is used 24 times in the New Testament. Of these, six uses refer to the physical presence of individuals: Stephanas, Fortunatus,

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14 Nov 2019

Revolutionary War Silhouettes Cause Freakout

The following article is by Jerry Newcombe The English poet Steve Turner once observed, “History repeats itself. It has to. No one is listening.” I think this applies very well to American history. The average American today is grossly ignorant of our history and we fall prey too often to

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13 Nov 2019

Ancient Child Sacrifice: The Legacy of Modern Abortion

The following article was written by Brian Godawa. I have recently done some research on child sacrifice in the Bible for the sake of a novel I am writing about Queen Jezebel and ancient Israel in the ninth-century B.C. Most readers of the Bible do not find it controversial that

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12 Nov 2019

Is There a Defense for Using Strong Language in an Argument?

Is harsh rhetoric a bad thing? Are there times when it’s OK to let loose with the truth in a way that disturbs some people? I have a saying: “Don’t give anyone a reason to reject your position other than the position itself.” But sometimes reasoned arguments aren’t enough. Often,

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11 Nov 2019

The Jezebellian Nature of Leftist politics

Hillary Clinton is at it again. She claims to be a Christian and often quotes from the Bible. In June of 2018, she condemned “those who selectively use the Bible to justify” their political decisions, something she and her follow-Democrats do all the time. She claimed that the Bible is

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08 Nov 2019

The Ethical Consequences of Darwin’s Dangerous Idea

Are some people insane or just becoming more consistent? Every day there is a new story of some whacky group protesting some corporate indiscretion like the use of plastic straws and plastic eating utensils. I can assure you that there are more troubling issues to confront. What’s going on? What’s

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07 Nov 2019

Was Thomas Paine the True Founder of the United States?

One of the kookier historical claims that prevails among anti-Christian groups is that our Founding Fathers were Deists and Thomas Paine was America’s true founder.  Deism is a philosophical belief system that claims that God exists but is not involved in the world. While God created all things and set

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06 Nov 2019

New Publishing Projects. New Greg Bahnsen Book

Since being back at American Vision, we have produced a lot of new material with more to come. The one I’m most excited about is the publication of 22 lectures that Dr. Greg L. Bahnsen gave at American Vision’s Life Preparation Conferences. I listened to them again while driving. They

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