‘Once You Vote Black You Never Go Back’

This story has not gotten much attention. Surprise. But delegates at the Democrat National Convention were wearing buttons that said the following:

Once You Vote Black

You Never Go Back

Obama 2012

What if delegates the RNC had a badge that said something like this?:

Once You Vote White

No Other Vote is Right

Of course you know what would happen. You see, blacks can’t be bigots or racists. Because whites hold all the power, only whites can be bigots and racists. This is liberal logic in a nutshell.

I can understand that blacks voted en masse for Barack Obama in 2008. It was a proud moment for them. Of course, they didn’t do it alone. If it hadn’t been for white voters, there wouldn’t be a President Obama.

The Democrats have made this race all about race. Any critique of the President is seen as a racial attack. Those who make this charge are only causing resentment among people who are not racists but who are being pushed to vote race. It’s doing nothing for race relations except to make them worse.

So now that the color barrier has been broken; it’s time to look at policies and not be blinded by a preoccupation with skin color. If blacks were in a nation where everybody was black, what would be the deciding factor in an election?

Actually, Barack Obama is a typical modern liberal. Remember, it was Hillary Clinton who pushed for universal healthcare. Conservatives called it “HillaryCare.” The difference is, Obama reflects the beliefs of a more radical Democrat Party. This was made apparent by the outspoken beliefs of delegates at the Democrat National Convention with their preoccupation with abortion, paid-for contraception, and a vocal ascent to atheism. Did you notice that Hillary was nowhere to be found or seen? Can anyone say 2016? Bill’s convention speech was his last hurrah. The magic is gone.

It’s sad that blacks have put race over their moral convictions. The majority of blacks don’t approve of abortion and atheism. They have black colored glasses on. So they don’t see the political incongruity. Nothing else matters to them but blackness. Ideology takes a back seat on the political bus because they have been told that upward economic and social mobility is hindered by race and race alone.

Whether they like it or not, blacks have partnered with is the slut vote. Competing with “Vote Black” was a button worn proudly by women that said “Sluts Vote.” Is this what’s happened to Martin Luther King’s dream?

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