Obama Wants to Hobble America Before Leaving Office

It’s a hard thing to say about anybody, but I do believe that President Obama has it in for America. He’s not “in over his head” as many conservatives claim. He knows exactly what he’s doing. And because there is no push back from the Republicans, he’s retrofitting America with a new operating system that would be unrecognizable by our nation’s founders.

Of course, he’s not the first to manipulate the Constitution. It’s been a long progress.

The Constitution is passé. Liberals only pay attention to it when they can manipulate it. Otherwise they ignore it.

We won’t understand how different Obama’s made America until all the judges he’s appointed start making judgments. We’re already seeing how past judicial appointments are affecting people. Single judges and panels of judges can rule against voters in states and overrule state legislators. If they can do this on the issue of same-sex marriage, then they can do it on anything.

Obama wants to decapitalize America by taxing its most productive citizens and businesses. He tried to tax tax-free college savings plans, so it’s not just the rich he’s after. It’s anybody who makes more than the next guy. Liberals have always started at the top and worked their way down. The original income tax amendment was sold as a way to tax the most wealthy people. Look how that has turned out.

Now Obama wants more taxes on inheritances and foreign profits on American companies. Why do companies take work overseas? Because it’s cheaper. Corporate tax rates in the United States are high. If politicians want to get these companies to return to the United States, then lower their taxes. It’s that simple.

Consider this:

“Need evidence that tax codes are wonky?

“Look no further than one of the world’s leading tech companies.

“Apple is raising $6.5 billion by selling bonds, the fourth time it’s borrowed funds with a bond sale since 2013, Bloomberg reported Monday.

“The company is borrowing money despite the fact that it has some $178 billion in cash.

“The reason: taxes.

“As Business Insider noted, Apple holds most of its cash offshore, out of Uncle Sam’s taxing reach, and likely won’t bring the money stateside so long as it would face tax rates up to 35 percent.

A tax repatriation holiday — like the one proposed by Sens. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) and Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.) that would tax incoming cash at a mere 6.5 percent — could help induce Apple to bring its cash back to the U.S.”

Apple may be liberal, but it’s not stupid.

We’re now learning that Obama is running a shadow government that only he and his minions control.

Obama is pushing a $4 trillion budget. His goal is to decimate the job-creating engine in the name of economic justice and income equality. Every time these claims are made an implemented, the gap between rich and poor grows. Money taken from the most productive rarely makes its way into the bank accounts of the poor. Sure, some people benefit from income confiscation and redistribution in the same way that thieves benefit from stealing.

Obama’s goal is to hamstring the economy and make it dependent on the government. It’s a Marxist’s dream. That’s why the Communist Party in the United States is planning to join with the Democrats. They see their policy goals being implemented by the Democrats.

Let’s not forget Obama’s unwillingness to identify Islam as  religion with radical elements whose adherents want to take over America or destroy it from the inside.

Then there’s Eric Holder’s replacement, Loretta Lynch. She’s worse than Holder, not only on racial issues, but on fundamental constitutional issues:

When Long Island businessman Jeff Hirsch stepped up to the bank window to make a deposit one morning in May, 2012, the teller shot him a worried look. “You know, your account has been frozen,” she told Hirsch. “I’m not sure you want to put any money in there this morning.”

In fact, the disbelieving Hirsch soon learned, the office of the U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of New York had, without warning, seized the entire working capital — $447,000 — of Bi-County Distributors in Ronkonkoma, N.Y., the business Hirsch co-owns with his two brothers.


Hirsch and his brothers, like thousands of other Americans in the past 10 years, had been targeted by law enforcement authorities on suspicion of a crime he had never heard of. His money had been seized as part of a federally sanctioned wave of “civil asset forfeitures,” with citizens losing homes and automobiles and life savings merely because they were suspected of some crime.


It was Lynch’s office that inflicted the nightmare of disappearing funds on the Hirsches and refused to release the money even after overwhelming evidence that the brothers were innocent of wrongdoing.

The Hirsches’ story is a living nightmare. They had to spend tens of thousands of dollars in an attempt to prove they were innocent of a crime that they were never charged with. This went on for nearly three years.

Miracle of miracles, “last week, Lynch’s office finally gave the brothers their money back, two years and nine months after it had been seized and exactly a week before Lynch was scheduled to be grilled by members of the Judiciary Committee.”

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