Obama Says He Should Pay More Taxes

“I’ve been hearing a lot of these Republicans talking about, oh, that’s class warfare, and he just wants to redistribute, and doesn’t believe in work, and he’s trying to create an entitlement society, and this and that and the other. Let me be absolutely clear: I should pay more taxes, and folks in my income bracket should pay more taxes, and certainly folks who are making billions of dollars should pay more taxes, not because I want to take their money and just give it to somebody else.”

Once again we hear noble words from rich people that they should pay more taxes, and they want to pay more taxes, but we don’t see them doing it. It’s very easy to pay more taxes if the President wants to, but he’s stupid if he does.

It’s also a bit disingenuous for a president of the United States to say that rich people should pay more taxes when he doesn’t have to pay for anything. He’s living a billionaire’s lifestyle without having to pay a billionaire’s IRS bill. Maybe it’s time the IRS assesses the President and Congress for all the perks they get without ever having to pay taxes on the generous perks.

When Oprah gave away $7 million worth of Pontiac G6s — 276 in all — to her very surprised studio audience, they learned that they would have to pay taxes on the car’s value.

Every time the President takes a ride in Air Force One to play golf, he should have to pay taxes on the value of that flight. Playing golf is not a job requirement. If I played golf, I could not deduct the expenses. The President should have to live like the rest of us.

Every time he eats at the White House, he should have to pay taxes on the food. When his wife and children fly off to a vacation using government transportation, they should be made to pay the taxes on what it cost.

If rich people think they should pay more taxes, that is, give money to wasteful government programs that only contribute to the nation’s problems, then they are delusional. Let them set up foundations to fund Alzheimer’s research and cures for cancer.

For job creation, people with a lot of money could make their capital available for investment purposes. Consider Ben and Jerry’s PartnerShop Program:

The Ben & Jerry’s PartnerShop Program is a form of social enterprise, in which nonprofit organizations leverage the power of business for community benefit.

PartnerShops are Ben & Jerry’s Scoop Shops that are independently owned and operated by community-based nonprofit organizations. Ben & Jerry’s waives the standard franchise fees and provides additional support to help nonprofits operate strong businesses.

PartnerShops offer job and entrepreneurial training to youth and young adults that may face barriers to employment. Ultimately, they help people build better lives.

The people at Ben & Jerry’s know how to make money. It doesn’t matter that Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield are liberal. Anyway, in April 2000, Ben & Jerry’s sold the company to British-Dutch multinational food giant Unilever. Their example is something to follow. “Go and do likewise” if you are a guilt-ridden rich person. Don’t give your money to a profligate government.

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