Obama and Democrats Support Non-Citizens over Citizens

If you listen long enough to the Democrats, you will hear a constant refrain from them that people who identify themselves as unofficial members of the Tea Party are part of a foreign invasion force intent on destroying America.

My wife and I watched Olympus Has Fallen (2013) last night. At first sight, I though the Democrats had written the script hoping Americans would see it as a metaphor for Republican obstructionism. Instead of a rogue North Korean terrorist group attacking the White House and holding the President hostage in his own bunker, it’s the Tea Party that wants to hold the President and the nation hostage.

You might recall Press Secretary Jay Carney’s July 29, 2011 press conference:

“We need to make sure that further damage isn’t done, which is precisely why any measure that suggests we should be having this debate again at the end of the year is just a wildly bad idea.  And any measure that suggests we should be having this debate in a way that will require the kind of votes that we’re now talking about — when you see what’s happening in the House and the efforts to get a bare majority to pass a highly partisan measure —- does anyone really think that we can — that it is plausible to hold the American economy hostage to a two-thirds vote in the House and the Senate?”

Describing Republicans as hostage takers is mild compared to other descriptions that Democrats have used to describe some in the GOP who have tried to make good on their oath to uphold the Constitution. The language could only refer to a foreign invading enemy. According to Democrats, Republican “obstructionists” (constitutionalists) are “jihadists, arsonists, blackmailers, terrorists running around with bombs strapped to their chest and worse.”

At the same time that Obama and his fellow Democrats are treating millions of American citizens as foreign enemies, he and Michelle are meeting with illegal aliens. Illegal aliens are not citizens, and yet a group of fasting illegal aliens was “set up in a white tent on the National Mall.” They were there to pressure the President to pass immigration reform. The United States has an immigration process that millions of people have followed. Can you imagine the President doing the same for the Tea Party? Of course you can’t.

At the same time that non-citizens are praised and honored, the President disparages citizens who have every right to protest and work against policies that they believe are unconstitutional. Only citizens can “petition the government for a redress of grievances.” It’s part of the First Amendment. Only citizens have constitutional rights. Some immigration groups are saying that “they are not going to take it anymore” and are threatening violence to pressure Congress to act.

So on the one hand, the Tea Party and those members of Congress who want Congress and the President to follow the Constitution are treated like a foreign enemy, illegal aliens are treated like citizens and afforded a pathway to citizenship. The ultimate goal is to take America hostage politically. The Democrats need their votes to stay in power. They only way Democrats can secure their vote is to give away pieces of America bit by pit by way of wealth transfer payments called welfare. Not all immigrants are in this category, but enough of them are that makes opening the floodgates national suicide.

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