Now They Want to Tax Us to Pay for Diapers

Is there anything that a liberal won’t tax us for? “Connecticut Gov. Dan Malloy has declared Thursday ‘Diaper Need Awareness Day’ as part of a campaign by The Nutmeg State to pressure Washington into providing free diapers to low-income families. Supporters will host a fundraiser and a panel discussion in New Haven on the public health risks for babies whose diapers aren’t changed frequently enough.”

There is some irony in this request. Mark Twain said, “Politicians are like diapers. They need to be changed often and for the same reason.” They stink and are full of excrement. (I so much wanted to use the more expressive word, but my mother raised me better.)

Let’s get our own campaign going. How about we send a diaper to any congressman who votes for this legislative boondoggle with Twain’s aphorism written on the bottom in brown magic marker?

There is a simple way to handle this problem. Why can’t people who want to help these parents donate diapers at day cares where there is a need? Set up a box in the lobby in the morning when children are dropped off. Donations can be made, and the diapers can be used as needed. Let’s say there are three families that are having trouble buying diapers. That might mean a total of 9 to 12 diapers per day. If each family with a child in diapers brought an extra diaper each day, the problem would be solved.

But I would take it a step further. Are the parents cigarette smokers? Do they purchase beer and/or soft drinks? Do they buy snacks? Sugared cereals? Junk food? Do they have cable TV? Are they overweight? Do the children own video games? Surely some savings can be found.

Help these needy families with a budget. Budgeting would go a long way in not only helping them with diapers, but get them on track for a better life.

Then there’s smart shopping. Coupon clipping can save a person a lot of money. “Companies like Huggies and Pampers also offer rewards programs that allow consumers to accumulate points for coupons for free diapers. Parents can also register with diaper companies on their websites to receive free diapers, get free ones from the local hospital or rely on free sample packages of diapers that are given away on a regular basis.”

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