No Matter What Happens It’s All Trump’s Fault

The media are only interested in stories they can manipulate to make Pres. Trump look bad. Even before he won the presidency in 2016, hostilities toward him and his supporters came from the Democrats.

We’re all familiar with the numerous examples of anti-Trump vitriol that has been leveled against him and his supporters in recent months and days. But here’s a story from June 2, 2016.

Donald Trump supporters were mobbed and assaulted by protesters on Thursday night after the candidate’s campaign rally in California.

The violence broke out after the event in San Jose wrapped up just before 8 p.m. local time (11 p.m. ET). Some Trump supporters were punched. One woman wearing a “Trump” jersey was cornered, spat on, and pelted with eggs and water bottles.


Protesters also smashed cars in a nearby parking structure and surrounded and taunted an elderly couple, according to Steve Tong.

“It was unbelievable,” he told NBC Bay Area. “I’ve never seen anything like that in America before.”


It wasn’t the first Trump rally in California to turn violent. About 20 people were arrested after an April speech by Trump in Costa Mesa south of Los Angeles, when members of the crowd damaged five police vehicles.

Even though the actual violence came from Trump’s opposition, NBC used phrases like “Donald Trump was in full attack mode” and “Trump’s assault on Clinton.” Trump was pointing out Hillary Clinton’s use of a personal email server that he claimed was illegal and her “foreign policy legacy, and her gun control policy proposals.”

Every politician “attacks” the policies of the opposition, but it seems that it’s only Democrats that physically attack the opposition. For example:

While the liberal media have been obsessed with blaming Donald Trump’s rhetoric for provoking the man who sent letter bombs to Democrats and CNN last week, in 2017 they barely mentioned that the man who shot at Republicans on a baseball field was motivated by anti-GOP hatred.

The media seemed to blame everyone but the shooter who was as anti-Republican as a person can get.

James T. Hodgkinson tried to kill Republican Representatives and Senators

Breitbart News has compiled a list of 631 Acts of Media Approved Violence and Harassment Against Trump Supporters. The most recent one? “Twitter allows 179 death threats against Trump.” Of course, it’s all Trump’s fault.

The Pittsburgh synagogue shooter hated Trump and is a virulent anti-Semite. Who’s the media blaming? Donald Trump even though anti-Semitism has been growing among Leftists on college campuses and in the Democrat Party.

[Breitbart News’s Caroline] Glick noted the prevalence of anti-Zionism on the left and within the Democrat Party. [Breitbart News Editor-in-Chief Alex] Marlow said, “[There is] a mainstreaming of anti-Zionism in the Democratic Party.”

“There is a huge problem with the empowerment of anti-Semites,” said Glick. “You have several Democratic nominees for Congress who are running on openly anti-Zionists platforms. Anti-Zionism is out-and-out anti-Semitism. It calls for the annihilation of the largest Jewish community on Earth, in Israel. … [Trump] is the most supportive president Israel has ever had, [and] they’re calling him an anti-Semite?”


Left-wing Jews refusing to countenance real anti-Semitism while hyping faux anti-Semitism are endangering Jews, said Glick.

Let’s not forget that Trump’s daughter is married to Jared Kushner, who is Jewish. Ivanka converted to Judaism. So it’s not surprising that an anti-Trumper and anti-Semite who believes Jews control everything would kill Jews.

Most Americans would be mortified to learn that the colleges and universities to which they pay a king’s ransom have become safe havens for an increasingly noticeable anti-Semitism that has produced an environment of bullying, intimidation, and fear for Jewish students and academics. This newly minted anti-Semitism has entwined itself into the fabric of many educational institutions via a predominant multicultural ideology that pronounces Israel to be its enemy.

To add insult to injury for American liberals, many watchdog groups of the Civil Rights era, most notably the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), have turned a blind eye to this emerging Jew-hatred that fashionably casts itself as a critique of the creation of the state of Israel as just another instance of Western imperialism. Accordingly, Israel is derided as a “white,” “colonialist,” “oppressor state” that has imposed its “apartheid regime” in Palestine to suppress the predecessor Arab population residing there. (Family Research Council)

Don’t be surprised if Trump is blamed for the attack on Volusia County Republican Party headquarters in South Daytona, Florida. Their headquarters’ windows were shot out Monday morning. “Along with glass scattered in front of its entrance, at least four bullet holes were discovered inside the office.” (Breitbart)

Democrats have been so traumatized by Trump’s 2016 election wing that the only way they can respond is through violence.

Remember the Muslim who murdered soldiers at Fort Hood? It happened during Obama’s presidency and was designated as “workplace violence.” “The U.S. government declined requests from survivors and family members of the slain to categorize the Fort Hood shooting as an act of terrorism, or motivated by militant Islamic religious convictions.” It took a long time before Pres. Obama acknowledged the massacre as Islamic terrorism. (Wiki)

Check out this article from Front Page Magazine about the number of Muslim attacks on Jews in recent years.

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