Men May be Lurking in Women’s Dressing Rooms at Macy’s

If you shop at Macy’s, you may want to look twice, maybe three times, before entering a dressing room or rest room. It seems that Macy’s has succumbed to the most outrageous form of political correctness and gender bending. So-called transgendered people – male to female and female to male – can use whatever dressing room or rest room they want.

A man who declares himself to be a female can use the female dressing rooms. So look out if you see what looks like a man dressed like a woman. It may be a man. Check for a five o’clock shadow.

Also, be careful not to say anything because you might be cited for sexual harassment or hate speech. Take your complaints to management. Get it on the record.

To show you how absurd this type of thing is, a Macy’s employee in San Antonio was fired for refusing to allow a cross-dresser to use the women’s changing rooms. Here’s the story:

Macy’s department store is getting some unwanted attention after

Natalie Johnson confronted the male customer who then complained to management with the assertion “Macy’s is an LGBT-friendly store.”

Management took the customer’s position and told Johnson “if you’re transgender you can use any restroom or fitting room you desire,” Mathew Staver of Liberty Counsel told WND’s Greg Corombos.

“Macy’s is catering to a radical fringe,” said Staver.

The attorney says the department store is turning women’s dressing rooms into a “free-for-all” for men to commit “voyeuristic acts, sexual harassment or even rape.”

If you are considering shopping at Macy’s this Christmas (second thoughts are in order), I would ask management if you will be safe going into a dressing room because of the possibility that men masquerading as women might be lurking there. You also might want to ask if your children will be safe.

Who’s to say that some man might pose as a transgendered person so he can engage in some sexually nefarious business. I see lawsuit written all over this. The Latin phrase caveat emptor sums it up: “Let the buyer beware.”

If you can’t get any assurances from management, I would take your shopping business elsewhere.

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