Meet the Republican Swamp Rat Who Said ALL Trump Supporters are Racists

The swamp is thick with this one. Bruce Bartlett served as a Treasury official under President George H. W. Bush and domestic policy adviser to President Ronald Reagan.

Bartlett shared on his Facebook page that “100%” of President Donald Trump supporters are “racists.”

Why would he say this? I suspect that he has not been invited to any of the posh parties put on by the GOP Establishment and their Democrat partners in political crimes against the American people.

If you want to be invited to the soirees paid for by lobbyist money, you need to know the right words that open the doors. And what are they? “Trump is a racist and so are his supporters.”

Bartlett must be real desperate since he only has 6,200 Facebook followers. He feels left out. He wants back in. There’s money to be made, and he ain’t getting any.

Here’s some of what Bartlett wrote:

“There is no longer any doubt — ALL (100%) of Trump supporters are racists. If you don’t like it, f*** you.”

After immense — and immediate — backlash, Bartlett shared a follow-up comment defending his original sentiment.

“If I had said that all members of the KKK are racists, no one would doubt that I am right. The KKK has a long history of racism and no one would believe a person who joined in ignorance of that fact.”

Bartlett added that Trump’s “personal record” of racism is extensive, and qualified that “every major racist group in America supports Trump unequivocally.”

“Therefore,” he wrote, “it is a simple matter of logic that ANYONE who supports this a**hole is a racist. I rest my case.”

Bartlett does not share with his followers what this “personal record” of racism that he says is “extensive” consists of. Playing the race card is the only thing anti-Trump people have, except criticizing Melania Trump’s high heels.

When the backlash ramped up, Bartlett noted that he wasn’t calling Trump voters racist: “I did not say all Trump VOTERS are racists, nor did I even imply that all Republicans are racists,” he clarified. “What I said is that all Trump SUPPORTERS are racists. That means the people who support Trump now, today, after all his horrible racist statements and actions. Those people are racists.” (The Blaze)

We learn from Bartlett himself that he voted for Hillary. He’s a big government swamp rat.

Bartlett’s rant may be tied to a book he has written that will be released in October. It’s called, The Truth Matters: A Citizen’s Guide to Separating Facts From Lies and Stopping Fake News in Its Tracks. Be sure not to buy it because he’s demonstrated in his FB posts that he does not know the truth. Spread the news about this guy and his deceptive book.

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