Meet the Face and Voice of the New Fascism in America

Fascism is alive and well in America. Fascism is generally understood in political terms as a “form of radical authoritarian nationalism.”

It has morphed into a social movement driven by politics. Individuals believe that they are an extension of the State and can act as its official ideological representatives.

The same is true of the media and educational establishment. Where the First Amendment was put in place to protect the press from the State, the press is now defending the State because of its ideological affinity. The press in all its forms is using its freedom to undermine the liberty foundations that made America a great nation and it’s spilling over to the general population.

We’ve seen it in the fascist tactics of the homosexual movement emboldened by the courts and this present administration how any word spoken against the only marriage that is morally and biologically legitimate can mean social and economic banishment.

Nazism became a national movement when the people embraced it. Here’s an example of how it could manifest itself in the United States (beware of strong and inappropriate language by the fascist that goes with fascism):

Fascism has come to America in the form of belligerent citizens who are determined to force their liberal worldview on the masses.

This type of attack is going to happen more often. Prepare yourself for it. Those electric cars will sneak up on you.

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