Media Outrage: Bombers not ‘Extreme Right Wing’

When stories about the Boston Marathon bombings started coming in, the media sycophants had their profile narrative in hand. It looked like American right wing extremists were the likely perpetrators. Tax Day . . . Patriots Day . . . Waco Anniversary . . . Hitler’s birthday . . . Oklahoma City Bombing. It was a perfect storm of red meat reasons why conservative anger finally had its release valve.

David Sirota, a blogger at Slate, rendered this post soon after reports of the bombings came in: “Let’s hope the Boston marathon bomber is a white American.” It would have been the best of all possible worlds. Liberals would have used the incident to bludgeon conservatives 24/7. Gun control would be passed and confiscation would most likely be the next move.

CNN’s Christiane Amanpour said, “How many of us feel this burden of association and hope beyond hope that this doesn’t turn out to be what it might be?” What it “might be” was someone associated with Islamic extremism.

Amanpour has a history of wanting terrorists to be associated with the right wing. She has a history of sympathies with almost anything that’s not American.

Amanpour compared Christian girls who wear long dresses to the Taliban in her six-hour “God’s Warriors” series. The last time I checked, young ladies with long dresses weren’t hiding explosives under them and praying that their children become self-initiated martyrs for Jesus!

Amanpour “investigates” homeschooling families as well. What the connection is with Islamicists I’ll never know. Islamic terrorist expert Robert Spencer nailed the blatant, agenda-driven hypocrisy of the left when he wrote, “Homeschooling is evil too? Sheesh. Over 9,000 terror attacks committed in the name of Islam since 9/11, and Christiane Amanpour is spending her time demonizing homeschoolers.”

Mark Potok of the liberal fund raising machine the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) concluded that the bombings were probably not the work of the radical right wingers, but not for reasons that would have you thanking him for his philosophical objective generosity.

Here’s his reason why the bombings were not done by people representative of the “radical right”:

“You know, this was not a target that one would associate with a radical right-wing bomber. It was not a government building, it was not the IRS, although it was Tax Day on Monday. It was not a minority group. It wasn’t black people or Jewish people or gay people or Muslims.”

Even with blame being placed elsewhere, liberals can’t help themselves from taking shots at conservatives by describing them as “right wing extremists.” Consider this example from Senior Research Fellow Philip Mudd of the Counterterrorism Strategy Initiative:

“[T]the timing of the attack on ‘Patriot’s Day,’ which coincides with the April 15 deadline for filing federal taxes, suggests a possible link with right-wing, antigovernment extremist groups. . . . If the Boston attack turns out to be the work of right-wing extremists it really shouldn’t surprise us, because these groups are not a new threat, and they have been growing in numbers and power in recent years.What would be notable is that they are once again turning to terrorism as a tactic, which is increasingly common around the world.”

The liberal media, President Obama, and the Democrats are most likely crying behind closed doors. Their ship to political nirvana did not come in.

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