Maxine Waters and Other Radical Democrats Use Segregation-Era Tactics Against Trump Supporters

Mixaine Waters is the patron saint of the radical left. Her congressional seat is safe. She’s a multimillionaire (net worth around $7 million) who lives in a gated community. Even so, her poor constituents love her. Because she’s balck and a woman, she’s nearly untouchable.

It’s a shame that many blacks consider Maxine Waters their champion. Her current antics will set back the progress black women have made in the United States. Her legislative ventures in Congress will go nowhere since even most of her fellow Democrats consider her unhinged.

Her latest outburts and calls for harassment of Trump’s cabinet members and other leaders in the Trump administration is forcing some Democrats to distance themselves from her.

She consistently calls for Trump’s impeachment. Even Nancy Pelosi is against such talk, at least until after the 2018 midterm elections when Democrats hope to wrest control of the House of Representaives from the Republicans.

Most recently, Aunt Maxine is even more unhinged than usual. She’s calling for her supporters to harass Trump’s cabinet members. She made the following comments outside the Wilshire Federal Building in Los Angeles, according to the American Mirror.

“History will record while he tried to step on all of us, we kicked him in his rear and step on him,” Waters screamed. “If you think we’re rallying now, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet!”

“Already,” she said, Trump has members of his Cabinet “being booed out of restaurants…who have protesters taking up at their house, who say, ‘No peace, no sleep! No peace, no sleep!,” a rference to Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen’s run-ins with protesters.

Waters, who is a supporter of abortion and homosexuality, declared, “God is on our side. Let’s stay the course!”

This was bad enough. She “appeared to endorse harassment and perhaps even violence against members of Trump’s administration.”

“Let’s make sure we show up wherever we have to show up and if you see anybody from that Cabinet in a restaurant, in a department store, at a gasoline station, you get out and you create a crowd and you push back on them, and you tell them they’re not welcome anymore, anywhere,” she said.

“Mr. President, we will see you every day, every hour of the day, everywhere that we are to let you know you cannot get away with this!” Waters yelled.

Maxine has called on her people to let the dogs loose. It was just last year that Democrat James T. Hodgkinson tried to kill a number of Republican Congressmen in Alexanderia, Virginia. I haven’t seen anything from Maxine Waters condemning the shooting. At event in New York in October 2017, Waters said, “I will go and take Trump out tonight.” All it takes is some nut job to take her literally. Lawrence Jones commented, “I’m not so concerned about Maxine Waters; I’m concerned about the people that listen to her—the people that tried to assassinate Republican congressmen at a baseball field. This is the type of behavior that sends these people out to assassinate Republicans.”

Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi (R) was”verbally assaulted, threatened and bullied by raging leftists at a movie theater on Saturday night…. Bondi, the popular Attorney General from the great state of Florida, has been a long-time target of unhinged left. She told FOX and Friends ‘three huge guys’ came up to her and started screaming at her and cursing her an inch from her face. The violent leftists then turned on her boyfriend and tried to provoke him into a physical altercation.” (Gateway Pundit)

Change the date, place, audience, and subject, and you might be reminded of Jim Crow laws and Bull Connor. Blacks were the enemies, and they had to be stopped by any means possible.

Blacks werre harassed. They were refused service in restaurants. They were forced to sit at the back of the bus. If Maxine had her way, Trump and his Cabinet members would not be permitted to ride a bus.

According to the Free Beacon, Representative Maxine Waters (D-Ca) has characterized the violent 1992 Los Angeles riots that left 50 people dead and thousands injured as an “insurrection” and “a milestone in the history of black people demanding justice.” The riots included dragging innocent men out of cars and beating them to death, according to the Free Beacon. Any conscientious lawmaker or public official would condemn this violence, but apparently Maxine Waters refuses to take that responsibility. (Inquisitr)

Blacks were often denied service in “Whites Only” restaurants. Here’s a picture of “The Greensbor Four” who refused to leave a Woolworth’s lunch counter in Greensboro, North Carolina:

Cooking Up Change: How Food Helped Fuel The Civil Rights ...

Lester Maddox served as the 75th Governor of the U.S. state of Georgia from 1967 to 1971. He was a Democrat. He refused to serve blacks at his Pickrick Restaurant. He stood defiantly at the doorway of his restaurant holding a pickax handle. Maddox, an outspoken segregationist, elected to close down the restaurant than comply with a court order to desegregate. Like Maxine Waters, Maddox believed that God was on his side.

Lester Maddox Signed AX "Pick Rick"Autograph / History ...

The events surrounding the Red Hen Restaurant incident reminds me of “The Greensboro Four” and Lester Maddox. Not only did the restaurant owner refuse to serve Sarah Huckabee Sanders, but ordered her and those with her to leave. “Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee alleged Monday that the restaurant owner who refused service to his daughter, White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, actually ended up following Mrs. Sanders’ family to another restaurant and causing a ‘scene.’ … ‘The owner of the Red Hen — nobody’s told this — then followed them across the street, called people, and organized a protest yelling and screaming at them from outside the other restaurant and creating this scene,’ he said.”

Democrat intimidation tactics never get old by the political party that advocates compulsion over compassion.

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