Liberalism Is Not God, Can’t Win, but It’s Still Going to be Painful

The history of the world is the history of the rise and fall of empires that thought they had control over their destiny, that they were the predestinators of history. If given enough power and control, they believed that they could do anything. History shows that they were wrong.

The downside to my claim that liberalism cannot win is that the unwinding process can be painful. In fact, it can be downright deadly.

But in the end, power kingdoms cannot survive. The center cannot hold. They over-extend themselves and believe their own lie that there are no fixed laws that government can’t violate without harm.

It’s too bad that so many conservatives believe we are in a hopeless situation because all the power and influence is in the hands of power elites that can’t be challenged or overcome. Dr. Gary North writes:

“For over 40 years I have been told by people who have a smattering of knowledge about conspiracies and conspiracy theory that the power elite has engineered every crisis in American history. They believe that the power elite is in fact the functional equivalent of God. They believe that the power elite predestinates the affairs of men.

“I am not saying that every conspiracy theorist holds this, but a lot of them do, and I think the vast majority of their followers do. My father-in-law, R. J. Rushdoony, called these people gravediggers. He said that they believe that the conspiracy is the equivalent of God, and the conspiracy is inherently evil. Therefore, the conspiracy has the capability of keeping most people blinded most of the time. The conspiracy — just one — runs the show.

The reason the people who are in power are in power is because a majority of people want them in power. How do Nancy Pelosi and Sheila Jackson Lee remain in power? People vote for them. Do we honestly believe that these two women are capable of planning and maintaining a conspiracy?

Dr. North continues:

“If you believe that the power-brokers are Keynesians, you believe correctly. But if you believe this, please follow the logic of your position. The nation’s rulers overwhelmingly believe that the central government can produce prosperity.

“So do the voters.

“Consent is basic to democracy. The masses consent to be ruled over by people they have elected. Their rulers tell them what they want to hear. The fact that an elite screens the two parties’ candidates for President does not change the nature of consent by the masses.

“The masses are deceived about the political process. This is not the same as saying that the masses are not in agreement with the outcome of this process.”

The voters have been taught to believe this way. Where? In Government schools. Of course, there is enough personal moral corruption that keeps the power elites in power. People want something for nothing even if they know that it’s been taken from their neighbors by majority vote.

In time, when the money runs out, when the debts can’t be paid, when people stop getting their checks, when the checks they do get aren’t worth the paper their printed on or the digits in their bank accounts get more zeros with no more value, the guys and gals who made the promises will be thrown out.

The time is now to raise up a new generation of voters to fill in the hole left by the crater of men and women who believed they were gods.

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