Liberal Claims Far-Right Christian Movement Wants to Rule America

Did you know that a few Christians, with no organization, and no money are running America or at least are positioning themselves to rule America? I was also surprised. The Huffington Post is reporting that “If the U.S. breaches its debt ceiling this week, bringing with it the global financial panic economists predict, leaders of a little-known far-right movement called Christian Reconstructionism can claim partial responsibility. Their goal: to eradicate the U.S. government so that a theocratic Christian nation emerges to enforce biblical laws.”

Wow! Who knew?

I know quite a bit about this group. In fact, the article mentions a book I co-authored: Christian Reconstruction: What It Is. What It Isn’t.

The article does get one thing right: Reconstructionists want to limit the size of the State.

“Interestingly, Reconstructionists don’t seem to care about actually holding onto power in the conventional sense: ‘The purpose of getting involved in politics, as Reconstructionists see it, is to reduce the power of the State,’ as the book Christian Reconstruction makes clear.

By “conventional sense” she means like liberal Democrats and Establishment Republicans hold on to power. Reconstructionists want to limit the power of the State in order to return it to the individual states, counties, churches, families, schools (home, private, and church), etc.

Liberals hate such talk.

What about a return to “biblical law”? It’s true. Reconstructionists believe in what the Bible requires: “just weights weights and measures” (Lev. 19:36; Deut. 25:15) for you, me, and the government. I realize that this is a great imposition on all of us and is extremely radical.

The Bible is also against inflation, that is, printing money or adding digits is not morally acceptable. There’s a very specific commandment about this: “You shall not steal” (Ex. 20:15). The law applies to you and me, and it should apply to governments. Of course, it does, but liberals believe they are above such moral restraints.

“That is what makes the debt ceiling debate so chilling,” Deborah Caldwell Huffington Post article. “The Reconstructionists have waited a long time to be in powerful positions. And now that they possess power, they are perfectly willing to use it to ‘reduce the power of the state’ so that the God of the Old Testament can swoop in to rule the Christian nation they believe will result from chaos.”

Caldwell earlier admitted that Reconstructionists want to reduce the size of the State, and yet they want “to be in powerful positions.” So which is it?

Liberals are looking for as many conservative bad guys in order to destroy the Tea Party and create a single political party that we are dangerously close to getting.

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