01 Nov 2011

A Simple Way to Reduce the Prison Population

An article by Kevin Johnson that appeared on the front page of USA Today reports that “More than half a dozen states are reclassifying a range of property crimes from felonies to misdemeanors, a change that could spare prison terms for minor offenses and save states jail and prosecution costs.”1

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18 Oct 2011

Does One Israeli Equal a Thousand Palestinians?

Who do you think got the better deal in the Israeli/Palestinian swap? Sgt. Gilad Shalit, an Israeli soldier, was freed after five years of captivity by Hamas militants. In a hard-won deal, Israel agreed to grant freedom to 1,027 Palestinian prisoners. 477 prisoners were freed on Tuesday, including 27 women

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14 Oct 2011

GOP Wants to ‘Let Women Die on the Floor’?

MSNBC’s Martin Bashir hooked up with “pro-abortion Rep. Diana DeGette to bash pro-life conservatives as ‘misogynists [women haters]’, during a seven-and-a-half minute long segment. Bashir claimed that it’s ‘hardly surprising’ that the proposed Protect Life Act, which would protect the conscience rights of health care workers, ‘has earned the moniker

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10 Oct 2011

A Liberal Speaks on Homosexuality, Slavery, and the Bible

In an interview with a homosexual Chicago newspaper, CNN’s openly-homosexual African-American anchor Don Lemon argued that the same Bible that was used to “keep us as slaves” is now being used against homosexuality and homosexual marriage. Lemon claimed: “We [in the African American community] have, in many ways, been a

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07 Oct 2011

Four Sheets of Parchment vs. 2032 Pages of Government Control

The Constitution of the United States was written on four sheets of parchment. If you count the Preamble and all 27 Amendments (there were originally only ten), it comes out to 20 typed pages. If you don’t count the signatures and amendments, you’ll have a document of 11 typed pages.

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05 Oct 2011

Herman Cain Grilled About Homosexuality on ‘The View’

Presidential hopeful Herman Cain appeared on ‘The View.’ Co-host Joy Behar pressed him on his beliefs regarding homosexuality. The issue came down to genetic or natural causes. As you can imagine, the homosexual spin machine went into action denouncing Cain’s remarks. Here’s one example: “Herman Cain ought to apologize for

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04 Oct 2011

A Pig’s Philosophy

The following email was sent to me. He was critical of an article I had written: “You can’t get away with blaming the Holocaust on a person who was dead for decades before this event occurred. This is a blatant attempt to obscure the role of your religion and its

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03 Oct 2011

“Gay” Soldier was Not Booed for Being a Soldier

Stephen Hill is a self-admitted homosexual. How do we know? When he stood up to ask a question at the Republican debate held in Orlando, Florida, September 22, he opened his remarks with this statement: In 2010 when I was deployed to Iraq, I had to lie about who I

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01 Oct 2011

We Have a Right to Protest

Sen. Barbara Boxer claimed that “Well-dressed” protesters at Town Hall meetings are out to “hurt our president.” House Majority leader Nancy Pelosi tried to argue that protesters are “carrying swastikas and symbols like that to a town meeting on healthcare.” A DNC attack ad called those who oppose the leftist

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23 Sep 2011

Getting a Heterosexual’s Mind Right

Expressing your opinion about controversial issues can get you in big trouble. Fourteen year old Dakota Ary from Ft. Worth, Texas, learned this the hard way. He happened to tell a fellow student what he thought about homosexual behavior. A Gaystapo teacher sent him to the principal’s office where he

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19 Sep 2011

The Thief-in-Chief

President Obama is calling for more tax hikes for the “rich.” This is the same president who took an oath to uphold the Constitution. While President Obama might be envious of the rich and despise the rich, he has no constitutional authority to rob the rich. If he wants to

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16 Sep 2011

Teacher Ordered to Remove ‘Religious’ Banners After Nearly 30 Years

After an initial court victory, a high school math teacher lost his battle to keep his “God” banners displayed in his classroom. A federal appeals court ruled on September 13, 2011 that Bradley Johnson’s First Amendment rights were not violated when he was asked by the school district to take

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15 Sep 2011

Obama is Like Jesus with Call to ‘Pass This Bill’ Says NPR Blogger

Liberals love to appeal to Jesus and the Bible when it suits them. Al Gore referenced the Bible at the Tennessee Democratic Party’s annual Jackson Day dinner in 2009 in support of national healthcare. “[P]laying off the focus of the [Ted] Kennedy funeral on the Gospel of Matthew’s parable of

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24 Aug 2011

Are You a Member of a Hate Group?

Any time the liberal media want to disparage the right side of the political spectrum, they call on a pool of go-to guys and gals to make their case for them. It’s not news reporting; its ideological position marketing. One of their go-to guys is Mark Potok of the hard-left

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