Keeping the Deep State Alive at All Costs (To You and Me)

If there’s one thing governments fear is an overthrow of the status quo and their grip on power and unconstitutional ways to make money for those who feed on the government trough through illegitimate means. By their nature, civil governments are in the protection business. They should be protecting the liberties of the people by ensuring just laws and not using their authority and power to enrich themselves. Once in power, government officials (elected or part of the bureaucracy) want to stay in power and will do anything to maintain their control of the reins of power.

My wife and I watched Page Eight. Johnny Worricker (Bill Nighy) is a long-serving MI5 officer. He learns about government corruption that goes all the way up to the Prime Minister. He risks his life and all he holds dear to expose the corruption.

In the end, the Deep States of Great Britain and the United States are exposed, covered up, and its perpetrators are given healthy career advancements.

All the frustrations that we are going through with the resistance of the Deep State are represented in the three-part series. “Slow paced yet clever enough to keep your interest — no need for shootouts, car chases or fireball explosions because some ‘producer’ claims ‘It’s what an audience wants!’”

This brings me to something of the nature government. In biblical terms, government is more than politics. It begins with self-government and includes family governments, ecclesiastical governments, and decentralized civil governments with limited jurisdictions and powers.

Once self-government is compromised, the other governments fall like dominoes with civil government becoming the substitute parent.

But it’s not a parent. It’s a policeman with a gun.

When self-government is compromised the illegitimate parent steps in and offers salvation. Many (most?) people like the idea of being taken care of. They are willing to give up some of their liberty to be cared for. Security is better than the unknowns of life, even if it means living as a well-fed slave.

It’s not only the people “living on welfare.” Free education … Free healthcare … Rent control … Tax the rich … Fair share this and that … Equality of outcome … Womb to tomb security has been the utopian dream. In reality, it’s more about tomb than the womb.

Thousands upon thousands of Venezuelans pour into Colombia over the crowd cross-country bridge, their faces gaunt, carrying little more than a backpack. Rail-thin women cradle their tiny babies, and beg along the trash-strewn gutters. Teens hawk everything from cigarettes to sweets and water for small change.

The young, the old and the disabled cluster around the lone Western Union office – recently established to deal with the Venezuelan influx – in the hopes of receiving or sending a few dollars to send home. Without passports or work permits, the Venezuelans – many with university degrees or decent jobs in what was once the wealthiest nation in Latin America – are now resorting to whatever it takes to survive.

“Hair, looking for hair,” an older man choruses through the crowd, turning to a group of women clutching their small children. Another man nearby holds a sign, “we buy hair.” More and more girls and women are turning to the cut the make ends meet, and feed their families for a few days.

Women sell their locks to local wigmakers in Colombia for around $10-30, depending on length and quality. Other women sell their bodies. Girls as young as 14 line the Cucuta streets available “for hire,” earning around seven dollars “per service.”

“Due to the brutal economic situation in Venezuela, they come to Colombia looking for a job, or at least for shelter and basic care. But they usually end up selling candles or coffee at traffic lights,” said Amy Roth Sandrolini, Chief of Staff at The Exodus Road, a U.S.-based organization devoted to fighting human trafficking globally. “Where they also become vulnerable to being recruited, to become victims of human trafficking.” (Fox News)

What happened to the most prosperous country in South America? “The story of how the country went from relative stability to hyperinflation involves more than economics; it’s a tale of corruption, social unrest, self-serving politics, capital controls, price-fixing, and a global commodity bust…. [I]t is out of favor with other governments (except Iran) due to political corruption, its nationalized economy is horribly inefficient, and its people are literally starving in the streets.” (Forbes)

Could something similar happen in the United States? Certainly not overnight. There are two power structures vying for power: The Deep State run by the two major political parties that and a new breed of radical socialists who want to turn our nation into the always elusive Socialist Paradise.

The Democrats will most likely accommodate these new Leftists in order to satisfy part of its base. The question is how the GOP will respond. Will it move Left or Right? The Deep State will want to retain its power, but it might not be able to sustain it because the Republican electorate is mostly anti-Establishment.

We have our work cut for us.

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