Jewish Baker Slams Christian Baker over Same-Sex Cake Decision

As you know, jack Phillip’s cake-baking case has been presented to the Supreme Court. The court will decide if its constitutional for Phillips and business owners to refuse to create messages for behaviors and subjects that they disagree with.

The First Amendment protects religion and speech. The case is not only about a person’s religious beliefs. It includes political beliefs. A business owner should not be forced to bake a cake, make a t-shirt, print signs, or promote a position through advertising (religious or otherwise) that they disagree with.

Jewish celebrity baker Duff Goldman, who should know better,1, “owner of the Baltimore-based Charm City Cakes shop, which is featured on the Food Network show ‘Ace of Cakes,’ argued in an op-ed in The Baltimore Sun last week that Phillips’ case is about discrimination.” Here’s some of what Goldman wrote:

We decided a long time ago as a society that it’s fundamentally un-American to decline to serve someone because of who they are. That’s what Mr. Phillips and anti-LGBT activists are trying to do. And if they succeed, it could have a devastating impact on the LGBT community and millions of others who unfortunately still find themselves at heightened risk of discrimination.

Phillips has never refused to bake cakes for homosexuals. He has refused to bake cakes that express certain messages he disagrees with.

Here is Phillip’s response:

As a Christian, I have neither the liberty nor the inclination to discriminate. God calls me to love and serve all, and that’s what I seek to do. While I am unable to express all messages or celebrate all events, all people are welcome at my shop, and I am happy and privileged to serve them.

If the sweetest little old lady entered my shop and asked for a cake celebrating divorce, I would politely decline. And if Charlie and David — the men who are suing me — came into my store tomorrow and asked for a custom birthday cake, I would be happy to sit down with them and design a cake to celebrate that occasion.

He went on to explain “that he has declined cakes not only for gay weddings, but also some that celebrate divorce, disparage LGBT individuals, celebrate Halloween, or contain sexual images or messages. In every instance, my choice not to create a cake had nothing to do with the individual and everything to do with the message or event.”

Goldman, like so many of his pro-homosexual friends, is misrepresenting the case. It’s never been about baking a cake; it’s about the message on the cake.

Let’s be clear. Homosexually is not in the same category as race. Homosexuality is a behavior. A person’s race isn’t. Why just homosexuals? There are now more than 50 gender identities. Are they protected by law? What about people who want to marry themselves, marry a bridge, or marry a chandelier? What a person identifies as is not the same thing as being of a particular race, Rachel Dolezal to the contrary.

Duff Goldman is Jewish. Let’s ask him if he would bake a cake for a Nazi-themed wedding. He most likely would not. His argument would be, like those who oppose Jack Phillips, that being a Nazi is not a protected class, and that, my friends, is the issue. The government has declared that people who engage in same-sex sexuality are a protected class, not because they are biologically homosexual (there is no such thing like there is no DNA test for all the gender identities), but because they have pressured lawmakers to make them a protected class.

Someone who engaged in same-sex sexuality and identified as a homosexual for years (e.g., Rosaria Butterfield) would have been protected under the law, but if they have left the lifestyle and no longer identified as homosexual, they wouldn’t have any carved out legal protections.

What if a former practicing homosexual wanted a cake made to celebrate that decision and went to a homosexual-owned baker to have it made and the baker refused. The former self-identified and practicing homosexual wouldn’t have any legal remedy.

We are setting a dangerous precedent by letting five unelected judges decide about religion and speech for 320 million people. Our founders never envisioned such tyranny.

  1. “Goldman was born in Detroit, Michigan, to Jewish family…. He is actively involved in Tzedakah, the Jewish practice of performing charity and philanthropic acts to enhance one’s spirituality. In an interview with Hillel: The Foundation for Jewish Campus Life, Goldman said ‘Tzedakah is very important to me. I’ve been so fortunate with everything that has happened to me, it would be a crime not to give back.’” []
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