It’s Time for Republican Senator Richard Lugar to be Retired on May 8th in the Indiana GOP Primary

One of the frustrating things about supporting the Republican Party is Republicans. Richard Lugar has been Indiana’s Senator for 36 years. He’s up for reelection. Six terms is long enough, especially since Sen. Lugar is President Obama’s “Favorite Senator.” Lugar is said to be out of touch with his once touted conservative values and with his home state. Here’s what the folks at National Review have to say about Lugar’s tenure:

“But the primary has heretofore shown Lugar to be out of touch with Hoosiers, an institutionalized Capitol Hiller who for a spell was ruled ineligible to vote in his own primary after a local board determined he hadn’t owned a home in Indiana in three decades.”

Lugar calls himself a “Lifelong Hoosier.” How is that possible when he hasn’t owned a home in Indiana for 30 years?

The usual GOP insiders are lining up behind Lugar. John McCain is one of them.

Richard Mourdock, Indiana’s State Treasurer, is neck-in-neck in a primary battle with Lugar. A new poll shows that Mourdock is in the lead, 42–41, against the 80-year-old Senator. Here’s a short list of some of Mourdock’s endorsements: The Club for Growth, The National Rifle Association, Indiana’s Tea Party, and National Review.

Lugar is a big-government, free spending Republican. Here are some of his key votes from 1977–2010:

  • Lugar voted to create the Department of Energy
  • Lugar voted for Medicare Part D, the largest entitlement expansion since the Great Society . . . until ObamaCare
  • Lugar voted against banning earmarks
  • Lugar voted for SCHIP, a massive expansion of government health insurance
  • Lugar voted for the Wall Street Bailout (TARP)
  • Lugar voted to bailout Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac
  • Lugar voted for the notorious 2008 stimulus bill
  • Lugar voted to bailout and nationalize auto manufactures
  • Lugar voted to impose price controls on debt cards
  • Lugar voted to mandate greenhouse gas emissions
  • Lugar repeatedly voted against cutting wasteful government spending
  • Lugar repeatedly voted for the expansion of government health care programs

Lugar will do anything to hold on to his seat. His latest dirty trick is to claim that Mourdock took multiple homestead exemptions. (At least Mourdock has a homestead.) If this is true, it would be a crime. But it’s not true:

The facts of the homestead exemption have been vetted and proven to show that the error was made by the Marion County Auditor’s office, which accepted responsibility for applying the homestead exemption to Mourdock’s Indianapolis condominium. The application had been filled out by the previous owner, and the office inadvertently extended it to Mourdock after he purchased it even though he didn’t fill out the required paperwork to claim the exemption. Mourdock brought the error to the attention of the Auditor’s office and repaid the difference in property taxes he owed.

It’s typical of long-time politicians to divert attention from their voting records and dredge up gotcha incidents that are less than accurate.

We need a Senator that will stand up for constitutional values and reverse the wheel of government expansion and generational deficits.

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