It’s Not the Lies that Bother Me – It’s the Truth!

The new post-debate narrative to explain why President Obama got trounced in the first presidential debate was that Mitt Romney lied. Add to the “liar, liar, pants on fire” narrative is that Romney was acting. A similar thing was said of Ronald Reagan who was an actor. These are diversions to keep us from the truth of what politicians do far from public scrutiny.

If Obama and Co. had just come out and said that the president performed poorly, we would be talking about something else today. Instead, the cover up is worse than the debate performance since people are still making excuses for the president.

Politicians are like lawyers since most of them are lawyers. I’m sure you heard this lawyer joke: “How do you know when a lawyer is lying? His lips are moving.”

The same is true of politicians. It’s a given that politicians lie, but it’s the duty of the media and political opponents to make the case that a lie is being told.

To argue that the reason Obama lost the debate is because Romney lied is a joke since any good debater (1) would have noted the lie and (2) confronted the lie with contrary evidence. President Obama didn’t do either of these.

As expected, the Romney campaign is accusing Obama and Co. of lying. For example:

The Romney camp released a new TV ad accusing Obama of “not telling the truth about Mitt Romney’s tax plan.” It charged Obama with distorting the plan by asserting on the campaign trail and during Wednesday’s first presidential debate that the Republican candidate would raise taxes on middle-class Americans as part of a $5-trillion tax cut that mostly would benefit the wealthy.

This is ho-hum stuff. Pointing out the lies of the president has turned into a fulltime job for some people. In fact, there’s a website called where you can read four years of Obama lies. There’s a YouTube video that presents “65 Outrageous Lies by President Obama.”

The lies don’t bother me as much as the truth. Telling us that he would raise taxes on the rich, implement Obamacare, fund contraception and abortion, support Islamic radicals, push class warfare, support wealth redistribution, ignore deficit spending issues, support radical unionism, fund green energy, put restrictions on domestic oil drilling, make it impossible to burn coal, and so much more are worse than the lies unless, of course, the lies become laws.

If elected officials kept their oath to uphold the Constitution, they wouldn’t have to lie because they couldn’t make any promises.

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