Is It Ok If President Barack Obama is a Muslim?

A new poll shows that a majority of voters in Mississippi and Alabama believe President Obama is a Muslim. He may be. He’s certainly a syncretist, someone who has no problem combining different and often contradictory belief systems. Obama’s not alone in adopting a form of worldview pluralism. These people are not aware that some belief systems have sinister motives and long-term goals to eradicate all worldview competition. Islam is one of those worldviews.

So even if President Obama is not a Muslim, his belief that we can all get along is naïve and dangerous. Appeasing radical Islam will lead to America’s downfall.

Some of our founding fathers saw the dangers of religious and worldview pluralism. For example, Governor Samuel Johnston (1733–1816) from North Carolina was fearful that a Muslim could one day be president of the United States because the Constitution does not make a forthright statement of its worldview foundation other than “We the people.” What if the people change their belief system? He wrote that “the Grand Turk, could be chosen” president given the Constitution’s no test oath clause. A Turk was someone of the Islamic faith. He went on to say:

“Those who are Mahometans [Muslims], or any others who are not professors of the Christian religion, can never be elected to the office of President or other high office, but in one of two cases. First, if the people of America lay aside the Christian religion altogether, it may happen. Should this unfortunately take place, the people will choose such men as think as they do themselves. Another case is, if any persons of such descriptions should, not withstanding their religion, acquire the confidence and esteem of the people of America by their good conduct and practice of virtue, they may be chosen. I leave it to gentlemen’s candor to judge what probability there is of the people’s choosing men of different sentiments from themselves.”

Johnston’s fears were real and are coming to pass. Religious pluralism as led to religious intolerance, particularly of the Christian faith. Fear has led many to acquiesce to Islam. Even some of our courts are making rulings favoring Sharia law.

People in the Netherlands are worried. Holland used to be a Christian nation. Over a period of time, the government adopted a form of religious pluralism, giving equal standing, first, to all Christian denominations, then to religion in general, and finally to every worldview imaginable.

Holland has lost its worldview base. It has become a haven for drugs, prostitution, and euthanasia — all legal! Its liberal immigration policies are beginning to worry the people of Holland, especially after the murder of Dutch filmmaker and outspoken critic of Islamic extremism Theo van Gogh. In 2004, more than 40,000 Dutch moved elsewhere, mostly to New Zealand, Australia, and Canada.

Muslims make up ten percent of the population in Holland. If population trends continue, Muslims could become a viable political force and remake Holland into a Muslim nation in the lifetime of our grandchildren. Holland’s religious pluralism could result in its downfall. No one could ever have conceived of such a thing 40 years ago. I’m sure the same is true of millions of Americans.

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