‘Why I’ll Never Have Kids, and Why You Shouldn’t Either’

“A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.” — Winston Churchill

Over the years I have made the case that when leftist ideas are given an open range to be carried out consistently, the ideas kill the system.

Confiscation of wealth creates more poor people. Promoting same-sex marriage diminishes the population of liberal-minded sexualists. Of course, there’s abortion. Since the 1973 Roe v. Wade pro-abortion decision, a good argument could be made that leftists abort their future more than conservatives do.

Some liberals have noted the problem:

“[F]or the past 30 years or so, conservatives — particularly those of the right-wing red-state Christian strain — have been out-breeding liberals by a margin of at least 20 percent, if not far more. . . . One theory goes like this: Libs are generally more socially conscious and hence tend to actually give a modicum of thought to what it means to pop out a brood of children in this modern overstuffed age. Also, many other liberal bohos [Bohemians] are (admittedly) happy selfish suckwads who want all the modern booty for themselves and won’t want to give up the Ducati [motorcycle] and the plasma [television] and the biannual trip to Cinque Terre [Five Lands on the Italian Riviera] for the sake of a pod of rug rats and 15 grand a year (each) for private kindergarten. Translation: Libs just aren’t procreating like they could/should be.”1

If I ever get the chance to be interviewed on the abortion issue (fat chance), I would look right into the camera and say, “I’m for abortion as long as the right people are being aborted.” I would give a list of who all the right people are. Such an approach to the topic might actually make a difference.

Now there’s “Why I’ll never have kids, and why you shouldn’t either,” written by someone named Katie Herzog:

“Some women struggle with the decision whether or not to give birth, but I am not one of them. As I see it, the benefits of parenthood are far outweighed by the consequences. I’m not just talking about late nights, early mornings, and all that money you could spend on yourself instead of your children (although those are legitimate enough reasons to abstain): I’m talking about the end of the world.”

Herzog buys into the Global Warming myth that is being debunked every day. The only people still pushing it are those who will make money from it.

When I first saw the article, I knew that homosexuality was going to be a part of the story. Sure enough, I was right:

“This lack of maternal instinct is convenient because not only am I a tote-bag-carrying-nature-loving-gun-hating-child-free-atheist (a.k.a. Satan, for those of you in red states), I’m also a homosexual (a.k.a. Gay Satan). For us gays, having kids is more complicated than it is for those of you who can just knock your parts together and wake up pregnant. It takes planning, and I’ve never been much of a planner.”

She sounds like a member of the Church of Euthanasia and its motto, “Save the Planet, Kill Yourself.” Its creed includes these four pillars: suicide, abortion, cannibalism, sodomy. She’d fit right in. Sad.

This young atheist homosexual understands some of the long-term consequences of being childless:

“Of course, there are consequences to not reproducing, and the one that concerns me most is what the hell is going to happen when I’m a grumpy old bitch with no kids to take care of me. As I see it, there is only one solution to this conundrum: I have to get rich. That way, I can hire someone to change my adult diapers when the time comes. The problem with this plan is that my career path has gone from publishing to public radio to, now, an environmental nonprofit, so I’m actually getting less wealthy as I get older, and at the age of 31, the most valuable thing I own is a bus pass. The good news is, while my window to reproduce is swiftly closing, I’ve still got plenty of time to make a fortune and find a nice young nursing assistant to wipe my butt.”

I kind of feel sorry for her. She’s trying to live consistently with her destructive worldview, understands how destructive it actually is, and continues to embrace it with gusto. Here’s is the living epitome of insanity.

With fewer younger folks, who will pay the needed taxes to care for the older folks? One day she’ll be one of them, and there won’t be enough people around to wipe her butt.

Her parting piece of advice is encouraging for people who think she’s nuts:

“Should you, for some reason, decline to join my cult of zero population growth, at least prepare your babies for the worst. Take them to high ground, teach them to survive, make them understand the price of their place in the world. Long after you and I are gone, they’ll be left with a ruined planet — and they’ll wonder, as they flee, why anyone would bring life into this world.”

No, we’re preparing to take back our culture before liberals like Ms. Herzog destroy the culture that creates solutions and doesn’t escape to higher ground to escape them.

Now if we can only get the government out of the way.

  1. Mark Morford, “When Liberals Rule the World: Stats say the GOP is dying. But red-staters are breeding like drunken ferrets. Who wins?,” SFGate (March 28, 2007). []
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