Is Ignorance of Science a Reason Some People Claim Homosexuality is OK?

When my oldest son was a senior in high school, I was asked to teach a class on Christian worldview and apologetics. It was the first year of operation for the school. Typically a school’s first year includes students from different backgrounds. Since the school is desperate for students in order to pay the bills, the academic and religious standards are often lowered.

It was OK for me since I like a teaching challenge. My teaching style included discussions of current news items, pop culture, films, music, and a whole lot more. No subject was off limits.

Some of my comments shocked them.

As expected, the subject of homosexuality came up. One student said that she didn’t see anything wrong with it.

Without skipping a beat, here’s what I said: “Are you telling me that you think it’s OK for one man to stick his penis in the rectum of another man?”

Her jaw dropped. End of discussion.

On another occasion I said, “When a man delivers a baby from his rectum, I’ll accept the biological normalcy of same-sex sex.” Some of you may object to this type of approach. I don’t use it all the time, but it makes an important point. Homosexuals understand the issue; that’s why they describe their movement as “gay rights.” The word “gay” obscures what homosexuality really is. Abortionists did a similar thing by naming their bloody business as “pro-choice,” pro-choice for everybody but the baby being killed. Let’s not forget government confiscation of wealth as “progressivism.”

These teaching examples came to mind when I read the following recent headline: “An Alarming Number of People Don’t Know How Babies Are Made.

“For the National Science Foundation’s ‘Science and Engineering Indicators 2014’ report, researchers posed 10 basic science questions to people in the U.S., Europe and Asia. Among the questions were: ‘Electrons are smaller than atoms. True or false?’ and ‘Does the Earth go around the sun, or does the sun go around the Earth’ — and the question that revealed some major ignorance about baby-making.”

On a side note, evolutionist love to claim that science education is important, and if anti-evolution theories are taught, our ability to do science as a nation suffers. So why is it that there’s so much ignorance about science when public (government) schools teach more than 90 percent of the students in the United States, and these schools teach evolution exclusively?

Of course, a belief in evolution doesn’t have a thing to do with operational science. A person doesn’t have to believe in evolution to know how to set a broken bone, how a baby is conceived, or how cell osmosis operates.

But let’s get back to biology and homosexuality. I’ve had courses in biology, anatomy, and physiology. The labs are especially interesting. In addition to having to know the names of all the bones, muscles, nerves, etc. in anatomy, we also had to know their function.

For our anatomy class, we had to dissect a cat. There were four of us at a station. Some of the cats we found out were pregnant. The obvious question is, “What are the necessary biological actions that result in pregnancy?”

It’s a simple question, but when applied to homosexual marriage, the question is never asked because biological differences (hetero) are needed to bring about a pregnancy. This is why homosexuals must either adopt or opt for artificial insemination.

Two people may engage in a same-sex relationship, but there is no way that it is equivalent to a heterosexual relationship. All the evidential signals are present to tell any homosexual that same-sex sex is morally and biologically unsupportable. Reshaping the argument by calling it “gay rights,” “gender bending,” or offering 50 different sexual options does not change morality or biology.

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