Huckabee Says Paul Supporters Not ‘Mainstream America’

I like Ron Paul. I’ve followed his career since the 1980s. I mostly like him on economic matters. To me, some of his views on foreign policy are naïve. While our current drug laws are a disaster, I doubt that he’s going to get any traction with a proposal to legalize drugs. Supporting the repeal of “Don’t ask, don’t tell” was a mistake.

Even so, I would not say that the millions of people who support Ron Paul are not “mainstream Americans.” Former Arkansas governor, presidential candidate, and media personality at Fox News, Mike Huckabee, would disagree with me, and I believe he is wrong:

“Ron Paul is not going to get elected president. He’s not. His views on foreign policy are so much an anathema to the Republicans, much less the Democrats, and what I call ‘middle-of-the-road people,’” Huckabee said on “Fox News Sunday.” “He has a very strong core of fanatical believers, but they do not represent the mainstream of America.”

Like me, Huckabee zeros in on Paul’s foreign policy quips, especially the one where he seems to be indifferent to Iran getting nuclear weapons.

“You can’t go around saying, ‘yeah, it’s OK for Iran to have a nuclear weapon.’ That’s beyond off-the-edge to think that it’s OK for the government of Iran to have nuclear devices. And [Paul] says, ‘well Pakistan has them and Israel has them and U.S. and Russia have them.’ The difference is they have them so they won’t use them. Iran wants to get one because they want to use it. There’s a big difference. It’s like he doesn’t get it.”

Millions of Americans are fed up and disillusioned with the way our government is running. We’re tired of wars, the death and maiming of thousands of young men and women who are sent off to fight, and the continued overspending from both political parties.

I believe these are mainstream American views. It’s a shame that the other candidates don’t pick up on Paul’s economic and anti-government views. Of course, the reason they don’t is due to the fact that they don’t believe them. In the eyes of Mike Huckabee, this make their views “mainstream political views,” and that’s a problem.

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