How to Beat the State, the Bureaucrats, and the IRS

There is no need for government schools. In fact, government (public) schools are our nation’s biggest enemy. They are liberalism’s false churches with their own priesthood and sacred texts. Education is where the power is. Government schools feed the law schools, and the law schools feed Congress and the courts. The State gives its seal of approval and disapproval on who will teach and what will be taught.

The cycle of indoctrination continues every year as a new class of students enters liberalism’s churches at the front door and another class graduates to attend liberalism’s seminaries at the back door – the State-run colleges.

And they do this with our own money. We supply the rope that the State is using to hang us.

By disrupting the supply line, the machine grinding out statist clones and puppets that love Big Brother ceases to function. At this point in time there is no one to stop us from leaving the government schools.

Unfortunately, too many Americans, many of them pastors, love government education.

Read more:Public School Puff-Piece Blows Up in Conservative Ministry’s Face.”

By abandoning the government schools the State no longer has control over the hearts and minds of millions of future citizens.

If you are not willing to make a small sacrifice now – the education of your own children and paying for that education in time and money – then you are not ready to fight an ideological and cultural war. The price you will pay later will be much higher. Now is the time to act. Now is the time to starve the Beast.

Everything is in place to educate your own children. If you belong to a church, the six days a week the church is vacant can double as a school. Then there’s always teaching your children at home. There are online curricula, pre-packaged curricula, and any number of free online courses available through groups like Khan Academy. School co-ops are also available. The internet is your gateway to an unregulated, non-government education for the ages.

Do you feel inadequate? Join the club. There are millions of parents who felt the same way. Again, help is just a few clicks away.

Remember, we are at war! Sacrifices and improvising are necessary. Tom Hanks’ character in Saving Private Ryan introduced his squad to “sticky bombs” to blow up German tanks. When you control the education of your children, you will be preparing them for a hostile environment. They will be in demand because they will be self-disciplined, well taught, and know how to do things.

What about churches? The time may be coming when Christians adopt a third-century model for church community. No buildings. No incorporation. No tax deductions. Nobody to sue. Dr. Gary North explains where we may need to head:

“‘A spectre is haunting Communism. It is the spectre of churches without buildings.’

“If there were a Christian Karl Marx today, his Manifesto of Third World Christianity could begin with these words.

“In 1973, in his last years, Mao’s persecution had reduced the number of Protestants in China to something in the range of 3 million people. The estimate today is 120 million [Chinese Christians]. No one knows. This is a good thing. If the state cannot count them, it cannot persecute them.

“Chinese Protestants have adopted a strategy used in the late Roman Empire. They are worshiping in homes and secret buildings. They stay on the move. In short: the churches do not have 9-digit zip codes.

“The same strategy was used under the Soviet Empire before it collapsed in late 1991.

“The same strategy has worked in the tribal states of the post-European empire world in sub-Sahara Africa.

“The same system is working in Latin America, to the dismay of the bureaucrats.

“This has received little attention in the West, because this strategy relies on invisibility. The West’s intellectuals suffer from a myth of modernism: ‘If bureaucrats cannot count something, it cannot be important. If it cannot be computerized, it cannot be socially relevant.’ Call it the NSA’s blind spot. Call it the IRS’s nightmare.

“The strategy is simple to describe: no permanent real estate. There are no permanent church buildings.

“If you can’t find it, you cannot tax it. If you cannot find it, you cannot regulate it. If you cannot find it, you cannot subsidize it. If you cannot tax it or regulate it or subsidize it, the state cannot suppress it. It’s simple. And it is working, just as it worked from Nero to Diocletian.

“There is a book that touches on this peripherally: Philip Jenkins’ The Next Christendom (Oxford University Press). It has received little attention from the humanists or the Christians in the West. They do not think it is important, because anything that cannot be taxed, regulated, or subsidized is too far outside the comprehension of ether Western bureaucrats or Western Christians.

“Christendom means Christian civilization. The home church movement launches the church in a hostile environment. “Eventually, it comes out of the shadows. Eventually, it becomes respectable. Eventually, it can afford church buildings. This is the moment of truth. Can it possess influence without possessing political power? Political power seems to be the nemesis of the church. Yet churches must speak to issues like infanticide, which they did in the Roman Empire. How can any institution speak truth to power, yet not become corrupted by power? This has been the conundrum facing the church for almost two millennia.”

It’s well worth your time to read the rest of Dr. North’s article “Beating the State: Third Century Christianity in the Third World Today.”

If there were tens of millions of Christians that would follow this strategy, in very little time the bureaucrats would be caught off guard. These tens of millions of Christians would be too large of a group to control.

Over the weekend I attended a meeting with a number of high profile Christian leaders. During our day-long discussion, one of the participants told the story of a pastor meeting with Willie Brown. Brown served over 30 years in the California State Assembly as a liberal Democrat, spending 15 years as its speaker, and later served as the 41st mayor of San Francisco. When the pastor confronted Brown on a particular issue, Brown said the following: “You aren’t organized. You don’t stay together. You don’t vote.” In a word, he wasn’t a threat.

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