How Ignorant are Obama Supporters?

We know that Obama supporters are as ignorant about economic issues as the president. They don’t care about economics as long as their college education is being paid for by other people.

In 2008, there was a large turnout of youth voters, most of whom were college students. To get into college, a certain amount of academic acumen is necessary. We’re talking about at least C+ students.

Then there are blacks who turn a blind eye to Obama’s harmful social and economic policies because the president is black. Race trumps policy.

The fine folks at Howard Stern’s operation went into Harlem and asked people who are supporting President Obama this time around some simple questions about Mitt Romney and the President. The results are depressing.

It seems that our educational system and so-called black leadership have done a good job in keeping people ignorant. An ignorant populace is an easily led populace. The following is from RealClear Politics:

“Howard Stern contributors Sal and Richard travel to Harlem to interview Obama supporters and ask them why they are voting for Obama.

“Stern and his crew ask denizens of Harlem various outrageous questions, including if they believe Obama will find and kill Osama bin Laden; if Romney is a Muslim; if Obama made the right choice by picking Paul Ryan as his running mate and if he did it because he is black.

“One interviewee was under the impression that 2008 Republican nominee John McCain is also running this time.

“‘Just trust me, not one person knew that Osama bin Laden was dead,” Stern said during the segment.

“‘Well, we’re obviously dealing with a whole population that doesn’t listen to the newscasts or read a newspaper,’ co-host Robin Quivers said.”

These people are SO ignorant. It’s sad . . . depressing . . . and frightening.

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