Homosexuals Battle for Control of Houston

The following is showing up in email boxes of voters living in Houston, Texas. Thought you might like to know what’s going on in one of nation’s largest cities. Your city could be next.

The vote for Houston’s next mayor is on the line. November 8th is V-Day – Get out the Vote Day. I know you have important things to do. Time is precious to you. That’s what the other side is hoping you’ll think. They don’t want you to show up at the polls.

Let me tell you what else is precious: Your children and grandchildren. I’m sure you’ve noticed how visible homosexuality is in our culture. It’s everywhere because most Americans are afraid to speak out on the subject for fear of being labeled a “hater” or a “bigot.” Don’t you believe them. You know better. Don’t be afraid vote for what you know is right.

Not only is self-professed homosexual Mayor Annise Parker running for reelection but a man who thinks he is a woman is running for city council. His name is Jenifer Rene Pool.

Young people are influenced by these very visible role models. They will think it’s OK to experiment sexually. Why not? The mayor is a homosexual. That’s hard enough to explain. What will you say to your children when they ask you this question: What’s a “transgendered woman”? You can tell them, Mr. Pool had his sex organs removed.

The homosexual community will tell you that it doesn’t matter what people do sexually. Tell that to your children. You know it does matter. The people in Penn State might be able to fill you in on the subject if you don’t already know. Former Penn State football defensive coordinator Gerald “Jerry” Sandusky was arrested Saturday and released on $100,000 bail after being arraigned on 40 criminal counts of sex with teenage boys. “This case is about a sexual predator who used his position within the university and community to repeatedly prey on young boys,” said Pennsylvania Attorney General Linda Kelly. Why would a teenager think that the advances of a respected man in the community were wrong considering that homosexuality is said to be OK. “If it’s OK for him, why not for me?”

You can read all about the sordid details here. You better be sitting down!

In addition to the mayor’s office, there are other positions up for a vote that the Houston Gay Lesbian Bisexual Transgendered Political Caucus endorses. Here’s a list of candidates that are supported by the homosexual community in Houston and homosexuals across the nation (

Mayor – Annise Parker

City Controller – Ron Green

City Council Races:

District B – Jerry V. Davis

District C – Ellen Cohen

District H – Ed Gonzalez

District I – James G. Rodriguez

District J – Mike Laster

District K – Larry Green

At Large Position 1 – Stephen Costello

At Large Position 2 – Jenifer Rene Pool (Man who had his sex organs removed.)

At Large Position 3 – Melissa Noriega

At Large Position 4 – C.O. “Brad” Bradford

At Large Position 5 – Jolanda “Jo” Jones

HISD School Board Trustee Position 3– Ramiro Fonseca

HISD School Board Trustee Position 4 – Paula Harris

HISD School Board Trustee Position 8 – Juliet Stipche

Money is pouring in from homosexual groups around the country who want Houston to become the San Francisco of the South. Here are some of things that they have planned for the great city of Houston (

  1. Legalize same sex marriage
  2. Mandate public acceptance of the homosexual activities
  3. Teach homosexuality to school children, starting in kindergarten, as an acceptable, alternative lifestyle. This is known as multi-sexualism. This enables homosexuals to recruit children to their lifestyle.
  4. Lower or remove age of consent laws leading to relaxation of laws prohibiting pedophilia. See
  5. Elevate homosexuals to a minority class, leading to affirmative action for homosexuals in the workplace. Cross dressers could force employers to accept their actions at work.
  6. Prohibit any speech which opposes homosexual activity. This would be considered “hate speech” and have criminal sanctions. This would destroy 1st Amendment free speech rights for those who oppose homosexual conduct, including pastors who preach from the Bible.
  7. Require employee benefits to be provided to same sex partners.

Conservative groups in Houston, who do NOT support the homosexual agenda and do NOT want Houston to become another San Francisco, are recommending the following candidates:

Mayor – Dave Wilson or John “Jack” O’Connor

City Controller – none

City Council Races:

District A – Helena Brown

District B – Phillip “Paul” Bryant

District C – Brian Cweren

District D – No endorsement

District E – Mike Sullivan

District F – Al Hoang

District G – Clyde Bryan

District H – No endorsement

District I – Leticia Gutierrez Ablaza

District J – No endorsement

District K – Pat Frazier

At Large Position 1 – Scott Boates

At Large Position 2 – Elizabeth Perez

At Large Position 3 – Chris Carmona

At Large Position 4 – No endorsement

At Large Position 5 – Jack Christie

 Let your voice and vote be counted: VOTE November 8, 2011.

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