Hollywood Trying to Blackmail Georgia Over Abortion

The Hollywood Left is on the move again trying to impose their immorality on the rest of us by trying to blackmail the people of Georgia by threatening to pull the film industry out of the state because Georgia has passed the “Fetal Heartbeat Bill.”

Over the past decade, Georgia has become one of the most lucrative filming locations in the entire world, generating billions of dollars for the entertainment industry with its enticing film incentive program—which awards up to 30 percent of production costs back in transferable tax credits, which can then be sold on the free market.

But that gravy train could very well be derailed—by a fleet of prominent celebrities—should the state of Georgia decide to pass a controversial bill that would ban abortions after the detection of a fetal heartbeat.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that a who’s who of more than 40 celebrities—including fan favorites Gabrielle Union, Don Cheadle, Orange is the New Black’s Uzo Aduba, and Marlon’s Essence Atkins—have signed a letter not only denouncing H.B. 481, but promising to urge TV and film production companies to take their business elsewhere. (Grapevine)

The four actors mentioned in the quotation above are black. Their solution to life’s problems is to throw money at them, and when something comes along that’s really bothersome, then kill it.

Don’t think Black people can’t be racist against other Blacks. Let’s not forget that Blacks were once slave owners and Blacks captured and sold other Blacks in the slave trade.

Black genocide is real:

That black women are far more likely than women of other races to get an abortion (accounting for roughly one-third of those undergoing the procedure according to one commonly cited study) is, to the black anti-abortion movement, proof that something is amiss.

Black women in Georgia should be outraged that someone like Alyssa Milano has entered the abortion debate telling Black women it’s OK for you to kill your unborn babies. Send this white woman of privilege back to her sit-com lifestyle behind her gated estate.

She is more interested in saving dogs than your children:

In 2014, Milano, with the South Korean rescue group, CARE, and The Fuzzy Pet Foundation in Santa Monica, helped rescue a South Korean Jindo mix dog, found covered in mange, chained, and raised for dog-meat.

Does anyone pay attention to Hollywood anymore? These rich, privileged, egotistical actors need to get a real life and get out of ours.

It’s a shame that their adoring fans believe they are demigods. They’re not. Not even close. If these screen worshippers think one of these actors would ever do something for them, think again.

There’s a scene in A Bronx Tale that nails the foolishness of celebrity adulation. The Yankees lost to the Pittsburgh Pirates in the 1960 World Series in the seventh game when Bill Mazeroski hit a walk-off home run. They don’t care about you. If you think they do, ask them to help you pay for your college education:

Then there’s the billboard that the pro-abortion brigade put up in the Atlanta, Georgia, area.

Vaginas brought you Into This World
And Vaginas Will Vote You Out

How binary is that? According to the sign, there are only two sexes — one with a vagina and one without. I thought men could have vaginas. That’s what we’ve been told. How discriminatory for these women to claim that only they have vaginas.

If a man can become a woman and a woman a man then sanity and science are thrown out the window. That’s why they can protest against what I call the “two-heart-beat bill.” There are two beating hearts when a woman is pregnant. This means that a woman — a real woman with a real vagina — only has control over her body. Another beating heart is not her body.

But these pro-abortion advocates don’t care about science otherwise they would know that a beating heart means a person, in this case, a baby who is alive.

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