‘Hard-Left… Crazy Left-Wing… Anti-Christian… Socialist Liberals’

When a liberal doesn’t have an argument, he or she throws out the equivalent of political F-bombs. Just unleash a series of personal attacks with loaded words designed to stop all debate.

It’s easy to do as the title of this article demonstrates.

The latest is from political reporter Trip Gabriel. In a front-page report in the New York Times, Gabriel spewed out, as Clay Waters at News Busters writes, “an amazingly dense thicket of ideologically loaded labeling, with the word ‘conservative’ or ‘hard-line’ or ‘right wing’ cropping up in seemingly every sentence, long after the average reader would get the point.”

“In all, the word ‘conservative,’ including the term ‘social conservative[s],’ appeared a whopping 18 times in headlines and non-quoted material in Gabriel’s 1,200-word story, along with three ‘Christian right,’ two ‘right-wing,’ two ‘hard-line’ mentions, and a ‘hard-right,’ for a total of 26 occurrences. By contrast, the common conjunction ‘and’ appeared only 25 times in the entire story using the same parameters.”

This is typical of the Left. Ideology is only on the right side of the political spectrum. Liberals don’t have an agenda. They aren’t motivated by any particular worldview. They operate in the spheres of science, reason, and fact. Bias? Who, me?

To oppose a liberal is to question life itself. “How dare you,” is the often under-the-breath sentiment of any liberal whose ideology and facts are challenged.

We see it in everything liberals claim for themselves. There’s is a worldview of euphemisms. Killing unborn children is “choice,” engaging in sex with someone of the same sex is being happy or ‘gay,’ the government forcing people into a government healthcare boondoggle becomes the Affordable Care Act, which is neither affordable or caring.

To question a liberal claim makes you a “denier.” To oppose a liberal program means that you are “at war” with it.

There’s never a Christian Left. Those on the non-existence left side of the religious gradient are simply “Christians.”

Of course, there’s always the ever-present ace up your sleeve when all other avenues of attack fail . . . playing the race card.

People like Trip Gabriel refuse to engage in honest discussion, because of they did, they would lose the argument.

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