GOP Needs to Argue Like 3-Year-Old Mateo in Viral Video

The most frustrating thing about the GOP is that its spokesmen can’t put up a good defense for their views. Part of the problem is that they’re not fully committed to their principles. In some cases, they don’t have any real principles.

So when I saw the video of Mateo, a 3-year-old who argues with his mother about getting a cupcake, it was an object lesson.

Here was this child who stuck with his convictions. He never faltered. He never gave in. He did not shout. There was no name-calling. In fact, at one point he calls his mother “honey.”mateo

His point was made repeatedly, and when his mother tried to argue against him, he went on undeterred.

He never got off track. He stayed the course with his argument. He kept coming back to his target objective — cupcakes.

This is from the Huffington Post:

“This three-year-old wants cupcakes. He wants them bad. And he’s here to present his case, so take your seats ladies and gentlemen.

“The charismatic little chap — who surely has a career ahead of him in the courtroom — engages in a heady debate with his mother as to why he deserves the desert.

“The video was posted to YouTube by Mateo’s mother Linda Beltran in late February and has clocked up nearly a million views.”

That was then. The video is now up to nearly 3 million views. Mateo is headed for the Ellen DeGeneres show.

The video should be required viewing for all Republicans, especially Republican consultant Matthew Dowd who “rejected Obamacare as the reason for the victory of David Jolly over Alex Sink in last week’s special congressional election in Florida” even though Jolly made Obamacare the centerpiece of his campaign:

“She supports obamacare. I don’t. I’m David Jolly. And I approve this message because we need someone to look out for our interests, not president Obama’s.”

Hey Mr. Dowd. If you’re going to be a spokesman for the GOP, please take some pointers from Mateo and quit rolling over for the Republican establishment.

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