Georgia’s SunTrust Banks Go Gay and Against Religious Liberty

If I played and won the $700 million Power Ball lottery, I would not put my winnings in SunTrust Bank. In fact, I’m in the process of moving my accounts to another bank. Why? Because SunTrust Bank is pushing the same-sex agenda in Georgia.

You may remember the story about David and Jason Benham who got booted from HGTV because of pressure from a left-wing pro-homosexual anti-Christian group. The Benham brothers did not lash out. They believed in principle over money.

Soon after the old heave-ho, they got word from SunTrust Banks that their accounts would be closed. When my wife and I heard about the story, we were ready to move our accounts. Soon after the story got out SunTrust released a statement saying the decision had been reversed. The bank didn’t go into detail about why they originally cut ties with the Benham brothers. All bank officials said was the decision had been made by a third party vendor.

Now we know that SunTrust is a pro-homosexual advocacy group that opposes religious liberty. I suspect that the Benham decision was really a corporate decision but because of so much negative publicity, corporate decided to rectify the situation by blaming it on an unnamed third party.

Now SunTrust Banks has officially come out as pro-same-sex everything in Georgia by joining with other companies in opposing religious liberty:

“Google, banking giant SunTrust and AT&T joined stalwarts including Delta Air Lines, Home Depot and UPS among nearly 100 businesses and universities that have signed on to the effort so far, which they have jointly dubbed ‘Georgia Prospers.’

“It marks the first organized effort by business and education leaders against a ‘religious liberty’ push at the state Capitol that many in the gay community fear could allow discrimination — and that the corporate world fears would make an economic pariah of the Peach State. Religious liberty supporters, however, cast it as a new line of defense to protect people of any religion from interference.”

We saw what happened in Indiana over this issue. The gay lobby won big-time over a threat of an economic boycott.

Here’s a list of some of the companies.


I’ve never understood why someone’s sexual practices should be given special treatment under the law or in business.

SunTrust and the other companies supporting the “Georgia Prospers” crusade against religious and personal liberty can do what they want, but it’s time for me to put my money elsewhere. I’m not making much interest on it anyway. SunTrust Banks won’t be prospering with my money much longer.

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